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mind blowing dan gak masuk akal ya. wkwkwk. thanks sudah main.

Hi, I'd like to submit this:

many thanks! it's actually a submission for a game jam. that's why it's so short/has a little content. in the future, we would like to expand the game with richer dialogues and much more choices to make the game has more than one ending. with more mini games and other content of course. ;D

aw. sorry for that! ;(

good news is, it's now fixed in the new patch! ;)

Yey! Thank you for making the video. ;D

thaaaanks! ;D

hey, sorry for that. :(

if you have any detailed info about this, please report it to us. we will try to fix it.

manyyy thaaanksss ;D

aww. sorry for that. 

fortunately, it's now fixed in the new patch! 

Thank you for playing and making the video. :D

thank youuu! :D

hahaha. I just noticed that your nickname is Load1n9. thank you for playing! :D

thank you for playing! :D

this game is made for a game jam submission. and none of us in the team is a writer. if we decide to continue and expand this game, surely we will hire a real professional writer. :D
thanks for playing!

thank you for playing :D

They're indeed quite similar but we're all Indonesian. :)
For anyone wondering:
Memu@ > Memuat = Loading
Oneka > Boneka = Doll
Dunia = World
Anak = Son
Guri > Gurita = Octopus
Cuci = Wash
Mandi = Taking a bath
Shuriv > Virus (backward) = Virus / Mallware
Tawall > Tahu all = Knowing all

sorry my bad. I didn't read the instruction. you can move the paddle up/down as well. :p
keep up the good work!

- nice and cute graphics

- moving with velocity feels a bit weird. but that's ok if it's part of the game design.

- when the ball (jelly?) touch the side of the screen, it should bounce instead of dying. it makes the game hard.