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I'm not sure if its just the websites I'm using or not but its happening with all of them for me. So I started playing after watching a video and saw the little box in the bottom left corner of the screen but it was empty. It's usually filled with the number of your kingdom's people happiness and wealth but it wont show up for me. The game runs normally and it doesn't change anything but it's annoying that I can't tell how much money I have or the amount of people I have. I just have to guess depending on the amount of gold on my screen or the size of my town which is bad if something that's rare happens and I don't know if I have enough money to spend or enough people to... "sacrifice". This also goes with the happiness but I don't know what that even does. I'm using a Windows 7 (I know old) so I'm not sure If that has something to do with it but if you could fix this that would be great.


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