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Such beautiful game, both visually and narratively. Enjoyed every second of it!

Played the last update and man, really nice to see the game taking shape and heading for a good direction!

It is rough on some aspects, specially the programming (the 'Inspect' prompt stays on screen when you face the opposite way of the object; when you open the suitcase, for example, the Inspect command is still available, although nothing happens when we inspect it; the left hotel window displays overlapping text; someone here already pointed out about the extra footstep). I see the game's main strength are the visuals, so the only tiny thing I'd add on this build is a smudge or dirty where the 4th mask is supposed to be, so we'll instantly know there's one missing when we look at the wall.

All in all, awesome job, I hope the development is going well :)

Enjoyed what's been shown so far : )
Going to follow the development, hope to see more soon!

Omg, I love everything you do! Another fun, very enjoyable game <3

Thanks for playing it! : )

Good to know it worked and you made it to the end! Thanks pal  :)

Hi udc! Thanks for playing it and letting me know!

I've updated the game, so some of the bugs are gone. 

But here's a tip when you play it again: the first hide and seek game is important, and you can hide from your brother in a place very near to you.

Hi Dreamare!

If you managed to pick up the candy paper, then you're doing a great job, that's the way to go. What you need to do next is to find your brother (he's not hiding, just in a room on the first floor).

Keep me updated of your progress :)

Congrats on finishing it! There's only one ending to this sad, sad story :P

Hey Mister! Thanks for playing the game and giving me feedback :)

What you need is in the attic, but it's closed.  

Mom has the keys, try looking for them in her room ;)

Really enjoyed it, that plot twist at the end was great! Congrats :D

Hiiii glithch! I'm very happy that you've played and enjoyed the game, thank you!! :D

I don't know if you are going to play it again, but here's a tip: what you need is in the attic. Also, mom has all the keys ;)