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Hey there! I'm really honored you liked Space Wizard! :D

You got it right: just come up with a situtation based on the current scene number and type, optionally using the features and gear tables to get some more ideas. It's basically playing screenwriter, haha.

I will translate Space Hunter soon, as well as the upcoming Space Soldier!

As for SMALL, I guess Tiago will make it available soon.

Está mais perto do que imagina! :D

Thanks! That is indeed a great ideia, I'll see if I can add it. :D

Puxa, fico honrado demais com as palavras, mano! Posso garantir que vou continuar produzindo. ✌️😁

Que isso, haha! Mas fico muito feliz que tenha curtido, bro! Se rolar gameplay, adoraria um report! :D

Thanks for the feedback! :D

As for the interface, it should default to no interface at all - I'll definitely look into it. You can however change it with F3. 

I really enjoyed this! The sound design is solid - during combat each hit is really a punch in the gut, very satisfying. It took me a while to figure out the secret passages, and that's really nice. Also very cool are the small touches like camera panning and particles. Nice!

Thank you!

Thanks! It was fun trying to cram as much as possible in this. :D

What a nice little game! I had fun fumbling with the keys, and I see myself challenging some friends in the future. One thing that annoyed me a little was how loud the music was at first (I was playing at night, it woke my wife up lol), but that's really minor. Well done!

Just wanted to thank you for the Sprite Exporter! Had been looking for a tool to convert my sprites, but all the other tools had issues with the second DMG palette. This is just what I needed. :D

Man, I'm SO using these! :D

Great, I get it now! Thanks! :)

While prototyping I came across a sort of bug in the Texture module. Both the canvas2D and webGL implementations use  ~~settings.tileSize.width and ~~settings.tileSize.height to account for different tile sizes as set in the editor.

However, the TILES_PER_LINE variable just below it is hardcoded to 16, which would be the case with the default 8x8 tiles. It was a simple fix to change the value to what I needed (8 tiles per line, 16x16 tiles), but it would be nice to have it automatically set as so in a future update.


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Hey there! I've been enjoying this tool so far, and plan to use it for some projects. :)

However I find that the way the gamepad module is explained on the GitHub page is a little misleading. It took me some time to figure out why my code was not working.

The functions getGamepads(), getGamepad(id) and getAnyGamepad() demonstrated are not exposed, being handled automatically by the module's update function. The example also uses gamepad as the variable name, however the module already has both gamepad and gamepads defined internally, which causes an error. These two objects are accessible and contain all the gamepad data, which would be even easier to explain in the documentation, save axes information when using gamepad, which is a merge of all connected pads. I quickly implemented axes support for this situation, though, since it was necessary for a game concept I'm developing:

Overall I'm basically in love with Pixelbox! :D

Thanks Tzoop! I used the pallete from Megaman V, which I thought would be a nice change to the greenish looking default one.

As for the blocks, that seems to be an issue with the Pixel Perfect Camera in Unity 2018.2 - I actually entered the jam to try it out. It's still in beta, so the blocks get blurry when exported (and WebGL doesn't even run). I might fix that in the future when I get some free time! :)

Thanks Natty Ice! Came up with the idea for the game since I didn't have much time so it had to be something simple, haha!