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We have just released our first demo for our new arena survival action roguelite game:

Striving for Light: Survival

Experience the mysterious world of Striving for Light as an arena survival game, combining the exploration of random generated skill trees and exciting auto battle combat.

Download our demo here on itch:

Here is our steam page:

Key features:

  • Experiment with more than 50 skills in an procedurally expanding skilltree
  • 10 maps with different enemies, traps and multiple difficulties to unlock
  • Over 30 weapons to unlock
  • Over 20 unique enemies, over 20 unique bosses and 10 unique endbosses
  • Use dodge skillfully to avoid and escape attacks
  • Everything is hand drawn, self-composed soundtrack with about 1 hour playtime
  • Compete in multiple online leaderboards with seasons and private league system

We are looking forward to hear your feedback!

We are happy to announce the launch of our new demo version for Striving for Light!

Striving for Light is a action roguelite with infinite skilltree.

In the game you will find yourself thrown into a dark mysterious world where dangers are lurking everywhere in the shadows. Embark on a journey into the darkness to bring back the light to a dark and abandoned city. Enkindle your flame and progress infinitely on a ever expanding skill tree. Beware, death will bring you back to the start. From journey to journey your arsenal of weapons and skills will expand, empowering you to dive deeper and deeper into the darkness.

About the new demo:

The new demo version  contains all the new content which has been released from the start of early access until now!   

You can either play the demo directly in your browser or download the windows version.

Start playing now at:

We invite you to join our discord and participate in the ongoing development for Striving for Light:

Join official Discord!

Here are some  of our recent content update teaser:

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Striving for Light is now also running on HTML5 so you can play the demo direclty in your browser!

Striving for Light is a action-roguelite with an infinite skilltree!

Play it at:

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This update features a new super boss with new mechanics, new super boss related weapons, new music and some April goodies.

About the game:

Striving for Light is a Rogue-lite action RPG with an infinite skilltree!

Game Page on Itch:

Get it now -40% ($ 4.79 USD) for a short time:


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Fun fact: we  did not know about the Community Section on itch... until we have just randomly stumbled over it!

So here we want to present our  new roguelite action RPG which was released to early access on 30. Nov 2021 and already received 2 major content updates  along dozens of smaller updates since its EA-Release.  

To celebrate the release of our new "Devouring Darkness" content update the game is currently 15% off. It  comes with a free steam key.

There is a demo available!

About the Game

Striving for Light is a rogue-lite action rpg where you utilise a unique infinite expanding skilltree to fight your way through the darkness.

New Features

The Devouring Darkness Content Update will bring you a new system which allows you to influence the skill tree progression, challenging new world events, collectible skill gems which carry over from run to run and massive sound effect and performance improvements.

Full Patch Log at:

The development is very community driven so we invite you to join & participate through our discord.

Join our Discord!