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itch.io Community » Game Development · Created a new topic Planet

Planet is a small game I developed during a school assignment. I was inspired from a youtuber called Brackeys. He made a similar game during Ludum Dare. I Put my own twist on it and changed the mechanics of the game keeping only the core idea. Note: I am still working a bit on the game in my free time so any feedback is highly appreciated.

Web Link: https://iglimilaqi.itch.io/planet Google Play Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Company.IgliMilaqi

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Good Game.

One question though, what program you used to make this game?

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After many feedback from people I've decided to make the game free for some time and see how it does.

Feel free to leave your feedback it helps a lot!


itch.io Community » Game Development · Created a new topic Stellar
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Stellar is a arcade/Space shooter game which is in early access ATM.

I would be very happy if you guys checked it out and leave your comments for any suggestion

and ideas. BTW there's a sale for the game.

Any donation is a big help since all the money will go to make this game even better.