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Love the game! Played it with my friend and had a lot of fun however please add a full screen button. 9.5/10 :)

Oh to access the secret code you have to finish the game. (btw it is an easter egg)

Very sorry for this bug. Please type "y" to proceed

Thank you for the feedback. To answer your question: this is unfortunately a bug, it should show you the main menu, if not type "y" to proceed.

thank you so much

Oh the password is on the top of the main screen :)

A short game i developed in 4 days for the BTP Game Jam

Friend is  a short horror game about meeting a stranger on a sketchy website. The game is based on a terminal screen, and attempts to induce fear in the player using only the terminal.


Thank you so much :)

Thank you so much for playing my game! It's a real honor as such a thing never happened to me. I'm sorry for the abrupt ending, i'll post a longer version soon.

of course


Nice game! Love the graphics!

This is amazing good job!

hmm not really sure how to get rid of the missions list but the game looks amazing!


Thanks for the feedback! I'll take it into consideration!

Please click a bit above the play button to start! Sorry for the bug!

Sorry for the bug! To start please click a bit above the helmet/play button

Sorry for the bug! To start the game please click a bit above the play button/helmet

Sorry a bug click just above the helmet

Epic! Really like the game play!

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Not the prettiest of games but very nice gameplay! Love the randomness, definitely out of control!

Very Cool! Like the art similar to blackthornprod's art!


Nice Game! Kinda Hard to play tho but that adds to the fun.