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I agree with Let's Chat (about liking it and about UI concerns). I would have been content with an indicator that shows if you can link with a node when you hover over that node. To be sure, it could detract from the puzzle of managing the properties yourself, but perhaps that's a worthwhile tradeoff.

An all-too-relatable experience that brightened my day.

I would describe this as a fine little scroll with some easy puzzles to complement it.

The second puzzle (00004) only works if you list it in one direction, not the other way. I'm trying to avoid spoilers there, but hopefully the dev will understand in the context of how the solution works. A more minor thing also for 00004 (which could be part of the puzzle) is that what you say has to be absolute rather than relative, in terms of the orientation. My first thought was to input it in the way someone would actually follow the instructions, rather than the sort of bird's eye view of it all, as it were. I hope that wasn't too vague or too spoilerific. For the puzzle after, (00005), it only registers you putting in the right command *after* you've done the action that allows you to find the code; on my second playthrough I already knew, and had to enter the same thing twice because I got ahead of myself.

The parsing is pretty lenient; as far as I can tell it just searches for case insensitive key words, which is sufficient.

It's a bit short. It might have been better having more time to set up the things the page says, but within the game itself. It might not need any more puzzles, just some more buildup. A video with comments referencing the way feedvid works, perhaps.

At first I had no idea what to type, I just buttonmashed. It was comforting when I figured out what the blobs meant, but what was most fun was when I knew what was next, and could type quickly. The story was strange though.

Thank you. I'm not the sort of gamer who actively plays games where you manage thousands or more projectiles, so it might just be inexperience. I do look forward to seeing how it goes!

Having taken the time to download each individual file, I find the game neat. I'm not a fan of the genre you picked, but I'm certain that those who are would be similarly intrigued. I found it unwieldy to click all the individual bullets; maybe instead of clicking and dragging them, you could hover over an area to deflect things that are in it.

The game doesn't work at all unless you can find a joystick. That said, the race idea is a cool one. I would have loved to see this in a usable format.

The idea is interesting, and I'm sure this would be a fun game, if the speeds were a bit slower, and there were more objects to pick. As it stands, it's quite difficult.

Looks neat, but doesn't work. Rated mediocre.

Same. No way to pass the big black gap.

This is a nice concept, (and admirable execution). The lack of angular momentum makes the lobster responsive, and it is entertaining to smash the blobs. It's a bit hard to tell when you get hit though, and the collision the hit detection looks like its a circle rather than a triangle or complicated lobster shape. My other complaint is the type of enemy that appears at the start of the second wave: when you ram them both at once, only one dies, and in fact the one that survives can damage your health. Obviously it's not critical to the core of the game, which wasn't flawed at all.

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I'm guessing the conceit is that you can just go around the post to win easily. I found the steering to difficult to figure out if I was right, but I think I am. This is probably either a typical racing game with some control problems, such as no steering when reversing, or a very easy one with some control problems. It could also be an unclear game that would otherwise be a masterpiece, but it's not clear enough to tell.

Try this answer

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Man is this thing hard to run. It is a Visual Studio folder, not an exe or anything. I installed C++, and fiddled around with versions, but it was still broken.

Really hard to control, especially when you can't see your dude. I would have preferred if it just spun (orbited) around the guy randomly rather than going way off to the side so I couldn't see him.  Even if it zoomed in and out, it'd be much more playable.

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If this had been a 48 day rather than 48 hour, I'd expect the next steps to be more systems, perhaps with more complicated minigames. I liked the sense of lack of control, but not the sense of lack of information. An instruction manual for how the laser system worked might be helpful for example. I died once partly because I didn't realise it drained faster as the game progressed.

Great job!

Edit: Also, WASD is a much better keybinding set than arrow keys.