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Thank you for playing! Watching you was really useful, it gave me a couple ideas of things I can improve. For example you missed a little revelation at the end due to a time out trigger. If you get the chance to play again, try looking quickly towards the tv at the end. Anyway it was a cool video, you have talent, keep it up!

Thank you for playing it! I am really happy to hear that the concept worked for you!

I had fun with it! Great game! I especially enjoyed the quality of interactions, really well done!

I feel I've enjoyed this much more than I should have had LOL! Good weird game!

Cool game!

Loved it! Great wee game!

I really appreciated the effort you've put into improving it and lowering the price. I have tried the demo and am going to buy it soon!

Loved it! You clearly have talent! Everything is so polished and looks amazing, I especially enjoyed the camera! Keep it up!

There are many theories about Red Man... I don't even know myself. Mistery.

Ominous is the best compliment it could receive! Thank you! Stay tuned for Night TV Channel 2 hehe

I ended up here after finding TV Night (looking for familiar tropes). Well I absolutely loved this one, both the gameplay concept and the setting! Really awesome!

It looks like an interesting concept but it's hard to tell from the screenshots as they don't show much. Considering the price tag, a short gameplay trailer or further screenshots might help in sparking interest 

I like playing it! Goog game. I especially enjoyed that it encouraged me to write in settings I don't normally use. It's very brutal though lol every time I start a new game, hope is shattered within minutes. It gets harder and harder starting again. Well done!

that would be awesome!

I really enjoyed this game and how it makes custom use of Adventuron to deliver a short, very engaging adventure. It would be very nice if the code was accessible to read.

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Absolutely loved it and rated it! Amazing work! I especially like the driving to the ski run because it sets the atmosphere, and it's uphill unlike the usual flat roads. Great work!

Absolutely loving it, I need to find the right time to play it cause things that chase me scare me a lot, despite them being cute food! You absolutely nailed that psx-tron bonny like aesthetics and feeling and crafted everything together carefully! And it's about food! Love it!

Thanks Massi!

Thank you! I have put a few secrets to encourage replayability, thanks for trying it out!

I enjoyed playing the demo. I like the idea of using the skateboard in an horror setting. I hope you will develop it further in an horror adventure direction, rather than a procedural action game. It would be so cool! Good luck with it!

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Awesome game! It's short and meaningful, I also recommended it to my friend. Loves how the story unfolds, it's great when you can spend your time playing a game that leaves you something in such a short, no time-wasting span. Well done!

Thank you very much for playing it! The rally course was a little change of pace and it was nice to create and play it!

I especially enjoyed the fact the "dungeon" towers are developed vertically and the retro-accurate features such as the off-screen enemy respawn. Great demo with a strong style, looking forward for the full release.