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could you please get in contact with me on discord to get your steam key for placing 9th? :) thx

I dont see why not. Ill have it up somewhere in the discord this sunday :)

Hey, I have played and was fun. I do like the concept. Im gonna make a game like this just with more ill link you in credits cause you have inspired me :).

Ok gonna play now! Ty

Windows download not there

Tell the class whats up :P

Hello, I've went though and played. As I see this is just released I know there will be issues but there are things to improve.

Movement: Its felt very slidy, even looking around did. 

Collision: You can't fall down a 1 block hole has to be a 2x2 its a bit annoying.

General UI: Very crude and seems to be thrown together

Textures: Kinda hurt my eyes. If you ever need some help making some let me know Im not great but im here :P

I did enjoy the little challenges, I think as you get more into development you could uses that to guide the player through the start of the game. I would really like to see that  done be a good way to get players to play for longer.

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So today I thought lets show off how easy it is to beat the level... Well to you it looks like i got it 1st try took ab 12 and had to place my conveyors in different spots a few times. Efficiency if keey to the best score.

Fire Setting community · Created a new topic Thank You

To anyone how checks out the game thank you, this was made for Ludum Dare 36 and was very fun to can't wait to do the next one!

If you want to message me twitter would be the best way @ieyfo