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Thank you! I do agree that we need a lot of polish and definitely a thumbnail. Overall I did not spent too much time on it so we did not have enough time to implement all of these things, even though I wish we did!

I was looking forward to participating in this jam because of the beautiful theme around it, though unfortunately I was kicked out of my team and it doesn't look like I will be able to find another. 

Anyways, good luck to everyone!

Hi! I'd like to team up with you.

Discord: chubshobe

Thank you! If we decide to develop this further we'll definitely take your feedback. Unfortunately our composer left early on in the jam and we didn't have an SFX artist so we didn't bother with sound.

How do I play

Thank you so much! We had a nice vision for the game but unfortunately we weren't able to realize it in time (largely due to my poor programming). I do want to update it, but I am a bit busy so I'm not sure if I'll get to it in time. The update would remove the stun mechanic which was never meant to be in the game, I added it for testing purposes. What exactly did you mean by the collisions btw? What is inconsistent about them? Are they not the expected size, not colliding with things that you expect to...?


Sadly I can't play the game because there's no linux build and it's not playable in the browser.

Thank you! Reigns was one of our references, it's a surprisingly good way to tell an interactive story. Unfortunately we weren't able to develop the game further into what I believe would've been a very unique and interesting game. But hopefully you were able to play a functional, basic version of it and made some cool choices.

I only had enough time for one level.

My GitHub:

Project Discord:

Project Repository:

Project Genre: Zombie Shooter

If you are interested, please join the Discord.

It had one unique mechanic which was used poorly. The gameplay felt long and unfair, as the enemies just kept walking towards me. It did moderately fit the theme, as it was built into it. Overall not very fun. Thank you for sharing it.

Hooray for the cat! Not as much for the game... The gameplay was as mediocre as the player's life. The theme fit very well, saving the cat's life while living your own. It is very innovative story-wise, but not very fun, the only joy I felt was for the cat. Thank you for sharing the game.

Apart from it being a mess, I think that replacing boring number progression with age is a fantastic idea.

This game has an interesting concept, making it unique. However it is very difficult, and combined with it's dull nature it creates a frustrating experience which quickly becomes boring.

I did not like how generic this game was. It only fits the theme because of it's genre, meaning poor innovation. Overall it was not very fun. Thank you for sharing the game, and I hope my criticism will help you improve.

I haven't recieved any friend requests on Discord.

I have joined Alex, seeing his potential. We are both in the GMT+2 timezone and we welcome anyone who is interested in learning and creating like we are.

Hello, I'm not very interested in working on a visual novel. Thank you for the offer and I wish you good luck.

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This is NOT PAID.

I have been studying Unity for a few years and I love it's high level component design and in general how simple and powerful the engine is. I am looking to join a team where I can contribute my knowledge to hopefully create something we are proud of, a game that we and others can enjoy.

If you'd like to contact me, please add me on Discord: Leida#8727

A bit of my background and about me:

I started my development journey with Minecraft, hosting a factions server and programming simple plugins. After that I went onto studying art and 3D modeling which introduced me to basics like geomteric shapes, color theory, lighting and the very basics of computer graphics. Meanwhile I had began discovering Unity and it's potential. During a hard period of my life from the beginning of 2019 until 2020 I accelerated my progress and learned C# and a large part of Unity. Since then until now I have been relentlessly studying game development, mainly programming concepts, C# and Unity. I enjoy sharing what I've learned and created, which is 50% of what I do today, I often write code for and help other aspiring game developers at the Unity Community Discord server and sometimes the Unity forum.

Oh man that was hilarious! I hope it gave someone else as good of a laugh. Whoever said that the "crash" is a feature, not a bug is actually right! Those non-interactable blocks are supposed to kill you when they fall on you. That's why the screen got a bit red at one point, cause you took damage. As for the crash, the dying was implemented last second so the code is pretty much "on collision kill player", even when you jump on top of them. There's no death screen, so the game just quits. Anyways, I really appreciate what you do for developers! I'll definitely check out your future streams. One feedback I'll take for the future is the mouse thing, didn't have enough time to put a sensitivity slider in the menu, but inverting the vertical axis is apprently more important than I thought!

A big thank you to everyone that tried the game out and gave it a chance, and thank you to Andreas for being an awesome teammate!

The more substancial changes:

  1. Bugs
  • Walkie-talkie does not fly off randomly and disappear anymore
  • Force Objects are less buggy

  1. Features
  • Force Objects have more depth
  • Scrap! Scrap and debris floats all around, use for scrap coming soon

Have you guys tested it yet? Let me know!

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Hi! My name is David. I am a 3D modeler with two years of experience in modelling and four to five in the game development industry. I have been in many teams before and have experience in things other than modelling. I will mention them below!

My portfolio:

I will describe the game shortly and give you a document to read after messaging me.

The project's name is My Piece(might change). The game is very short but sweet, designed for a team of up to 3 developers max. Basically, it is a visual novel that does crime solving in a unique way. The game will eventually break the fourth wall as well, like many other. I am aware.

Looking for: Unity programmer (experience/will to program and polish game mechanics) and sound effects artist.

Requirements: willing to work on someone else's project, calm, cooperative, self-motivating and dedicated. You should also be willing to spend at least 4 hours a day on our project. If there is enough work of course.

Things I have experience in other than modeling: VFX(Unity's shuriken only), graphic design(UI and logos), basic coding(C#), game design, rigging and animation. I possess all of the skills mentioned above in Requirements, so all I want is for others to do the same so we can work well together! I will handle all of the art needed. I will spend at least 6 hours a day on the game.

Length of project: as I said, it is designed with a small team in mind, so I would say it can be done in one to three months of hard work.

Rev-share project!

Contact: either message me on Discord Leida -#8727 or e-mail me

Hope to work with some of you soon! Have a nice day :).

Hi! I really like your game and I would love to contact you to hopefully collaborate and help out with the development! Unfortunately, I cannot find a way to contact you. May I have you e-mail address at least?

Hi! I would love to contact you and hopefully work together. Unfortunately, I cannot find any way to contact you.

Wow, amazing game. Fun and challenging! 41 is my highest score. Though at times nothing spawns for quite a while, which is quite unfair if I'm able to get twice as far because no obstacles spawned. Other than that I'd say add more kinds of obstacles, but for the amount of time this game was made in it's amazing!

Thanks for the reply! We planned on making the frogs much harder to find. We also wanted to add a speed boost to the witch, which would be replenished by collecting herbs. Unfortunately though we didn't have enough time to do all of that.