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Normally not a fan of RPGs like this but the visuals intrigued me enough to try it out. I ended up loving the demo and fully completing it. I backed it on kickstarter :)

Oops! Sorry about that.  Accidentally copied the wrong link : /

The demo is lacking content but I see a lot of potential in this. I loved the visuals and enjoyed the combat. Can't wait to see a full release when it's fully realized

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Until Morning is a minimalist survival horror game about surviving the night with a killer in your house. You must search your house for a gun and ammo while the killer is walking around looking for you. Shoot the killer and run away to survive until morning...

Check it out here:

Or watch the playthrough: 

Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks a lot!

Great! Thanks

I wanted to update the cover image for my game, but the rules state new art isn't allowed after submission. This may only refer to in game art, so can update my cover image? I just wanted to ask before I did so.

Thank you very much!