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Ended up a bit grindy and could use some more balancing, but fun core idea/gameplay for a jam!

Such a fun game! Would be great expanded maybe? Or at least an option to have a larger map

warming up frozen sandwiches between thighs and eating fish and chips

but on a serious note, thank you so much for the beautiful and brutal piece of art you've given the world. it means more than anyone could possibly say, including me

Intro was a bit boring and the movement was a bit slippery, but v interesting twist!

Great job! Fun and satisfying

Super fun!!

Excellent style as usual and fun idea!

gunned everyone down by in my first go 10/10

So fun!

Lol I was wondering if that was intentional


Absolutely fantastic core mechanic! So much potential, and pleasant music.

Actually quite fun

Great game! Creative AND well executed with great effects and clean art.

Took some breaks but finally beat it! Last stage took about 90% of the time lol

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I love how you added writing for backtracking! I love how everything ties together as well; it feels very natural and adds to the immersion


Lots of great writing with lots of character and charm; The choice at the start actually matters too and I love it!

Just played through second time (after realizing I had to CLICK the gun to shoot near the end of the first one) and I'm loving the genocide route so far

Wow, the amount of variety from each starting character is amazing

Still can't find the SOldier's skeleton

Still could guess what the code was! (Took me a bit to realize there was a code input on the title menu haha)

Wow, that took a while but I sold all of my oil and unlocked the secret!!

This game is amazing!! So much detail and passion!! Still haven't figured out the deal with the ship or found the soldier's note,but amazing!!

Just found the tripwire!

Great work on the FX!

I'm relieved to see that it's not just me at least!

Fantastically written, and genuinely meaningful decisions!

I'm fine with it not being fixed, but I just wish Leafo would give some sort of ETA or acknowledgement at least

My project is not public, but Leafo replied stating that this was a bug on their end.

"I checked the page out and I see that it’s using a password. This appears to be a bug on our end, but since the devlogs aren’t publicly visible they are being filtered out from being displayed there, despite having typed in the password."

They are definitely published

Ah ok, do you know when I can expect a fix? No rush at all

This is my view:

This is my view when not logged in

I apologise if I am missing something rather obvious

Title. I read something about dev logs being curated or something, is that it? 

Great job!