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This game has given new meaning to animal cruelty for me. The game was fun but, there were a few glitches that need to be solved. Sometimes the enemies would get stuck, clicking the mouse button after you move to shoot fire doesn't shoot it straight away, there i a bit of a delay before it works. I had to keep using the F button to fire straight away instead. Overall it was a decent game, I think if you fix those small little things then it should be good!

I can't seem to select the first level

This game is such a crazy game, I don't even know where to begin.

There is a giant lizard that is about to attack a city and you must construct a giant robot so that the monster falls in love with it and doesn't destroy the cities resources of PAPER CLIPS. YES, you have to build a robot to seduce a monster so that the paper clips will survive!

It was ridiculous to hear but even more crazy to play the game XD

I'll have a look into it !

This game was very interesting and I loiked the concept of it. It just started ot get a bit complicated down the line. When i was trying to figure out what the heck i was making

Thanks for the welcome! I've been browsing around at some of the games, I can only play limited graphic ones since my laptop can't handle the heavy duty graphics from some of them. Pretty sure i'll be able to find a few. Any you had in mind?

So i'm browsing on steam looking for some indie games to play ( steam is the only place that i've ever known for indie games) until i chose a game and it led me straight to this website instead!
Thought i'd say hello you awesome people

Really loved this game and i can't wait until it's fully released

I loved this game, and it's a game that you don't need a heavy duty computer/laptop since the graphics are 2d and pretty straight forward. I had lots of fun playing this game and was a bit gutted when the demo ended because i wanted ot continue it, now that i've upgraded my character to the max.