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I love the conceit of Clean-Up Crew: rad Cleaners burst through magical circles to rescue Soul Detectives when their latest case has turned messy! It's cool framing for action, and I can't wait to see what the itchfunded mini-campaign looks like!

I've got a little bit of a hype thread talking about some of the things I like about this game here.

Babel is an absolutely gorgeous book. Vibrant colours, brilliant use throughout of an inspirational artwork, and lovely clean layout. If you can manage to get a print copy, it’s a joy to flip through.

It’s also a very good game. Based on the Wretched & Alone engine, it draws a really clear connection between the artefacts of play and game’s themes: the tumbling block tower is the Tower of Babel, a set of letter tiles represent The Unified Language you seek, and you record your diary in a journal from which you tear the first five pages - the first piece of the mystery.

As a solo journalling game, Babel contains a lot of prompts for the player to respond to. The prompt design is really strong, an excellent mix of physical actions and questions. The questions are expertly written: a very specific sense prompt followed by a very general question. This gives the player a lot to work with, while still staying general enough to make it easy to come up with things that fit the current character and narrative.

I really loved this game. Heartily recommend checking it out!

Love this! Love that it's a loose, lively collaboration between excellent designers. Love that it discards plot in favour of character vignettes and exploration. Love the theme, and absolutely love the layout. 

Hey Axellae! Thank you so much for running the game -- I'm glad you such a great time. Super excited to see that you made good use of momentary cliffhangers -- I  feel like the moment when a sky pirate falls is perfect for that! 

Thank you for taking the time to post these kind words, and let me know if you play again. I'd love to hear about the exploits of your daring sky pirates!

Ahhh Charles, thank you for sharing this! I'm so glad you had fun -- make those dramatic choices, every time!

I'd love to hear some time about your daring sky pirate(s), and the prize they stole.

It's funny where you end up making those connections! And now I've spent the morning playing the shark game... :)

That's exciting to hear -- thank you Becky! Not least for writing Wreck This Deck, which I love. Without it, Other Worlds would never have happened!

Thank you so much! Those are some extremely kind words -- I'm excited to see what you do with it!

Thank you! If you ever go exploring yourself, I'd love to hear what you find!

Thank you - I'm really glad you dig it! I'm excited to give 24XX Free_Range a proper look. I saw Area X and Borne in the open paragraph, and I am here for that!

Thank you for the kind words! And for taking the time to comment -- I really appreciate that.

Good point about the damage. The statements are really just intended as useful prompts. You can use them if you want, or ignore them if you have a better idea. I'll give some thought to how I can make that clearer! (I included them because interesting hits are something I find difficult to invent on the spot.)