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Currently there are no plans to do that, but I might reconsider in the future.

There have been substantial updates to the game, which do no longer allow for an easy WebGL build.

Currently, there are no known crash or exploit issues with the Steam version. 

It's on the ToDo list, but I don't know when I will find the time...

Sorry, but the new version is no longer able to run in the browser.

Thank you! Yeah the EA version just released a few days ago!

The full game will only be available on Steam (for now).

The upcoming features will be available on Steam next week!

There are 2 smaller squares below each dwarf that can hold the artifacts :)

The game auto-saves after every battle.

Should say so in the Guide: increase attack speed and movement speed for all dwarves by 25% for 5 seconds.

This feature is only available in the Steam demo (for now)

Yeah, the white flag/retreat capability is only per session. When you log out and come back you need to motivate your dwarves again. They don't like fleeing.

You can see the base stat of each dwarf when you hover over them in the detailed view (Inventory -> click on EXP bar over the dwarf)

The level of the character (as in most RPGs).


The tutorial should have taught you that you can switch between automatic and manual camera with right-click...

You can only use English letters without numbers, 3-16 characters.

There is only one ad during loading the game. All other ads are optional to make the game a bit easier (you don't have to watch a single ad while playing the game).

Stamina. It should all be written in the Guide (press 'ESC' during battle preparation -> Guide).

It also says 'Final update v2', so there might be a v3...

-50% healing and movement speed

More Upgrades will become available throughout development.

Thank you very much :)
If you want your questions answered it would probably be the best idea to join the Discord.

All Holy Staves (Water Staff is a Holy Staff) also heal with their basic attack. It's probably best to join the Discord if you want fast answers to your questions :)

Hey, thanks for playing! Currently the web version and the Steam demo are almost the same (Steam has a few more features, but the amount of available upgrades is the same). The current focus is to release on Steam for Windows. I will then look into options for other systems!

Hey, I changed the default mode to 'Glory', which means your dwarves will be revived if you win the battle. The old (and true) mode is 'Death', you can change it in the options.

Steam demo will always be more up to date.

I'm working on the 'Raids' feature which will only be available in the official version on Steam (fighting against trolls and dragons). Everything you see about that are just teasers from the devlog.

Actually, there was a screenshot on the Discord of a victory in battle 400 with 10 thieves. So I think you are onto something ;)

Quite impressive without deserting!

The demo is actually designed to stop the player somewhere around battle 120... but certain strategies apparently let you reach even battle 300+

Yeah, Mythic Equipment is basically just maxed out Legendary Equipment (actually Mythic indicates 95% or higher of the items MAX stats). So it can happen that you get a 94% MAX gear which would then be legendary... I will look into this in the future to have a clearer design.

Thanks for playing! Hammers high!

This is the final update for the demo version of 'Dwarves: Glory, Death and Loot'!

Create your personal army of dwarves and lead them to victory! Strategize with up to 10 individual beardlings in this combination of classic RPGs, roguelikes and auto-battlers. Decimate orcs, fight trolls and battle dragons - There will be Glory, Death and humongous amounts of Loot!

Play the game:


Gameplay footage: 

Thank you!

Balancing is an ongoing process that is actively being discussed on discord.

The "green gear being better than purple gear" is a known problem. I'll probably have to revamp the item system at some point.

Not a bad idea. I'll think about it!

Hmm, sound should still be working. Did you try turning the volume to OFF in the menu and then increasing it again? Maybe also try clearing cookies as I made some changes to how sound and music interact in the latest patch.

Good idea, I think I can add 'M' as an additional key.

Since there are more enemies, your dwarves will also get more EXP on higher battles. So new dwarves will level pretty quickly, but only the veteran dwarves will be able to achieve high WISDOM by drinking beer from an early battle on. This is actually intended design.

Also, 'Tome of Insight' can help new dwarves catch up faster.

Balancing is of course always ongoing and I will keep an eye on this, but currently there are no changes planned for the levelling process.

Thanks for playing and getting this far!

- No artifact changes are shown in the quick view atm. (It's a bit more complicated game logic wise)

- That is a good point. I did not think about Burn/Freeze/Shock as passives, but you are probably right.

- I need to structure that somehow. I added "Bleed Chance" and "Damage vs Bleeding" as "Secondary Stats". But now with more features being added their place might be better in the "Passives" section.

Adding lifetime damage etc. is also a good idea. Especially as I'm already tracking those stats for each battle and there is still space in the "Battle Stats" section. So it should be little work for a better insight on your dwarf's performance.

Thanks for pointing that out. I'll need to update that. 

The ultimate description got now moved to the detailed view (when you click the "?" above your dwarf). I might add a compendium later where you can read up on already discovered ultimates.

I'm just joking. It's just easier to maintain builds this way (as I only have to make 1 build). You can always download the game here or on Steam without ads.

Since I ran out of donations

Skill tree will be mainly passive improvements and "when X happens, Y will trigger".

There probably won't be any real active skill mid-battle, ever. Only thing I could imagine is maybe picking up some extra loot/gold by clicking.

There is no way to unequip items (except artifacts), the dwarf will only trade you for new items!

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Thanks for playing! The 'Piercing Arrow' ultimate can currently (v0.4.1) cause a huge knock back under certain circumstances (often when combined with hammers). This will be fixed in the next patch.