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Thanks Levi! It was a challenge writing that much dialogue for sure. But we had fun with it :) Thank you for playing!

Lol this was cute. When I realized you had to keep adding connections and you couldn't just drag the laptop over, I had an internal groan. Nice ending as well. Took a bit to figure out right click, a in-game clue might be more user friendly, but it was quick to figure out. I do like to dive in without reading about controls in the description though ;) - Nankey

Hahaha thank you! Had a little fun with the writing ;) - Nankey

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Oh got it. I was able to play through after that - fun concept!! I think it wasn't all intuitive at first playthrough, but once you get the hang of how to play, it's a fun concept. Really original take on the prompt. Kudos!! - Nankey

34, 7, 4 in 12:01. Not the fastest playthrough, but I had a lot of fun! Great unique take on the theme! - Nankey

Thank you DJfox!! I'm glad you enjoyed  your playthrough :D

Super cute and a fun level of difficulty. I love how the workers get excited when the boat gets close. 

Thanks Fabs!!

First take I've seen of this kind for the jam! I loved the voiceover and sound effects, really added to the finished feel of the game.

Thank you for giving it a shot! :D

Clever! Thoroughly enjoyed this game. I love how it fits the theme.

Really cute. I love the character art.

Hmm it seems like the browser version wasn't working for me? The UI buttons worked but the WASD controls didn't seem to do anything :(

Cute game! Almost finished, I forgot what the bottom right guy needed before getting the third potion... Took me awhile to figure out but one I knew what I was supposed to do it was fun to play.

Thank you for your input Rhino! We'll definitely take that into consideration, we were considering doing a closer view already so it's nice to hear constructive criticism. It's great you found her to be relatable!

Thanks Anthony! When writing Maggie, I imagined her to be around 26-27 years old.