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woof. this is great.

I really enjoy it when people take an artifact from a game and find its iterations across multiple games. This would be a great tumblr - Hotels in Games dot tumblr dot com :)


this was really cool, i loved learning about the different traditions that went into this game. I ... never imagined there were so many buildings whose entrances were shark mouths :)

hey wow this was REALLY good!!!

I loved the comparisons you were able to pull out in these juxtapositions

this was a surprisingly touching essay about how photos are used to anchor emotions. i liked it a lot!

...this is very good and has a ton of depth. damn.

I really loved the progression from solitary spaces into crowds. The juxtaposition actually made me giggle a bit.

I also love how you pulled in real-world examples to contextualize these spaces and ground them. Awesome work!

I really loved this! Great job pulling such strong connections between these images.

This one really stuck with me. I think the most powerful juxtaposition was the Age of Empires / Charge of the Light Brigade. I think the Age of Empires example was one of the best just because it is (arguably, depending on if the screenshot was made in a custom scenario or w/e) unscripted. The AoE screenshot is just a result of the AoE engine grinding on, in the brief moment when bodies are displayed before they dissolve into nothing. To me, that is the strongest invocation of trauma and turmoil.

hey, i liked this! i didn't recognize the games but followed the meaning anyway :)

fyi the online link doesn't have permission to view and i can't find anything that consumes .gslides ?

hey, i like this - both the form of the scrolling slideshow of level screenshots, and the way the levels themselves look! i'll give your levels a play!