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Just some ideas that could be implemented easily I hope.

  1. (Player event)One of your mules unexpectedly had a baby? (Result). Use the mule or sell it back to the store.
  2. (Player event) One of your plots of land was marked improperly. (Result) pay another player for the cost lost due to the improperly marked property next to theirs. X amount of money.
  3. (Major event before growth) (Small animation) During the night bandits seized all of the crystal light from one player. (Result) only one player loses all of their crystal light.
  4. (Major event before growth) (Small animation) Too much rain caused the river to swell and flood nearby plots of land. (Result) any plots of land affected half production.
  5. (Player event) After gambling all night at the pub and winning, you were accommodated with food. (Result) player gets X amount of food. “ would be better if it was based on who won the most amount in the pub  for the previous day.”
  6. (Player event) While cleaning one of your Mules you accidentally got electrocuted. (Result) lose X amount of energy.
  7. (Player event) Jackpot! You hit an unexpected vein of Smithore. (Result) player gains X amount of Smithore.
  8. (Major event before growth) (small animation) The mountain Wompus is enraged after being caught and rip apart a players mule. (Result) one or two players lose a mule. “ this event should only trigger after he’s been caught once.”
  9. (Major event before growth) (small animation) Nearby planet aliens are unhappy with the new settlement of this new planet and attack the most outer plots of land. (Result) one or two most outer plots of land from the center lose their mules and or land. 
  10. (Major event before growth) (small animation) A tornado rips across the land flinging all resources into nearby areas. (Result) plots of land affected fling resources into nearby plots of land.  “no mules should be lost in this process. Only resources”
  11. (Major event before growth) (small animation) A random strike of lightning strikes a energy plot. (Result) the energy plot affected gets 100% efficiency. “should be filled completely.”
  12. (Major event before growth) (small animation) A small galactic battle happens nearby over the planet. Some debris falls to the planet hitting nearby plots of land containing small amounts of crystal light and Smithore. (Result) three or four plots of land affected gain X amount of Smithore and crystal light. “ no plots of land should be damaged during this process.”
  13. (Player event) A hobby of yours building your own small ship cost you X amount of crystal light as a power source that ended up failing (Result) player loses X amount of crystal light. “This event should only trigger if they have crystal light”
  14. (Player event) After celebrating the holidays at your place. You send everybody home with leftovers of food. (Result) Player gives X amount of food to other players.
  15. (Player event) One of your pets have passed away and out of love for your pet all your neighbors chip in for the burial. (Result) All other players pay the affected player X amount of money.
  16. (Player event) You manage to break your leg. Getting around may be harder. (Result) players timer stays the same player movement decreased. “Like when he’s walking through the mountains it slows him down, but this should be across any terrain. Only for that turn duration.”
  17. (Player event) You start your day with too much caffeine! (Result) Player movement increased during his turn.
  18. (Player event) a special request from the Science Academy has requested that you get a soil sample from any plot of land for a nice bonus. (Result) player must do one soil sample on any plot of land and get a small bonus of X amount of money.
  19. (Player event) One of the other players has wrongfully taken one of your mules, take any mule from any plot of land and make it your own. (Result) take one mule from any plot of land that is not yours and use it how you like. “ When the mule is taken from the land or plot, it should keep what is was energy, food, Smithore, or crystal light. The player does not have to do this if he or she chooses not to.”
  20. (Major event before growth) (small animation) volcanic eruption has occurred nearby. The Ash cloud covers the affected area and sky. (Result) all affected areas as follow. Energy zero production. Food zero production. Smithore and crystal light unaffected.
  21. (Major event before growth) (small animation) a small group of traders, bring in extra mules to the store. (Result)  all mules are dirt cheap next round.
  22. (Major event before growth) (small animation) a huge crack in the Earth has opened up after a earthquake. (Result) a crack X amount of size. Will open up and will make that area unplayable for the rest of the game. Any affected plots are deemed lost. “ this crack should be able to open on the river also.”

Hopefully this helps. I can keep going on and on. I absolutely love this game. I’m glad you made it so much easier to play and get hooked up with controllers and play. In the past, it was a absolute nightmare to get three players to play and it working correctly. A major thanks to you! I haven’t tried it with four players yet, but I don’t know if you can or not. If you could add a fourth player as a human that would be awesome! But anyway, hopefully some of these ideas will jog any ideas you have. Obviously they don’t have to say exactly what I put in. I’m sure you can explain the events a bit better than I can in game. But once again, much appreciated sir! Keep up the excellent work!

Would it be possible to add new or more events in the game? Perhaps like a dust storm that can knock out power or tornado?  plots of land that can catch on fire and then cost the player money to repair? Just things of those nature or major events before growth?  would it be possible to have random Maps example where the river is positioned at perhaps in a different area on the map? If so that would be awesome!