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I keep coming back to this for years now. I gotta ask how was this made?

I've lived a bit and read much in my short time on this earth. I have very stories that I go back to more than once or twice. Even smaller number than I can recall with perfect clarity. This story will stick with me till the day I pass away. I'm very stoic, my emotions are always bottled on the shelf. Many of those bottles just broke and fell. 

Thank you, 
Thank you for this gift, 
 We really didn't deserve it,  

 Yet here it is, 
Awaiting our eagers hands,
To gently open it,

What a gift inside, 
A story that captivates the heart, 
From the start, 

Life is but a stepping stone,
On the road we share, 
We have our highs and our lows, 

In the end of it all,
Death is simply waiting, 
To gently hold our hand, 
To help us take the final step, 
This story really shows this off. 

Now my thoughts on this, 
My heart really is made of stone, 
Not much moves it anymore, 

Anytime I feel a stir within, 
I push it to the side, 
Not wanting to relieve what I've lost, 

Yet this story,
A fleeting one to be had, 
Chipped it all away with ease, 

I was weeping of sadness and joy, 
This story is really a treasure, 
 I simply cannot give the justice it deserves, 

So sitting in the field as the sun starts to set, 
I wish you all the best, 
I really mean it, 

You've given an old weathered soul, 
Another reason to push forward, 
My time now is running short, 

The sun is about to rest for the night, 
The stars about to rise, 
If I could more than this, 

I would give you all a wonderful gift, 
To show my appreciation for this, 
Yet all I can do is write, 
Now it is time to say, 


Wishing you all the best from my heart, 


I personally haven't been able to keep up with this as much as I like. However, mental and physical health are far more important than a story/series. From this post you just seem tired and need a long and overdue break. I really hope you get one, everyone deserves to live. Please take care of yourself and be well. 

Hey Xarishro been a long time since I've last talked to you. Sorry to hear you're going through so much right. I really do hope you get better. Also, you getting healthy is more important than the vn releasing on a schedule. You really care for your readers.

 I knew that the moment I talked you after playing the build I did. I wish you a steady recovery in all of this. Regards, Nate

Question, would it allowed to use these in written commercial works? Proper attribution will be given. If not, I do understand. 

I purchased this and it has been great, and was wondering if you did commission? If not, I have a suggestion could you make a frame? 

Ok silly question here what is a card shirt?

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Would I be allowed to use these assets in written commercial works?

This might seem silly, wanted to get into making an rpg game. What program would you recommend that would work best with assets such as these? Also, bought all your works they are worth the value and then some. 

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The community really meant alot to me too, It got me working on a project I discarded years ago. Hope the new one goes well, will join when it goes live. 

Side note: 

       Take your time on Tooth I can wait for as long as it takes. Wish ya the best!

Loving this game keep it up ^^

Interesting so far keep up the good work!

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I can't believe I posted that! I don't even remember doing it, guess I was having a tired stupor sorry! I try to aviod my computer or any device I communicate on while like that, but at times I mistep. 

Your game really is work of art, when I have more time I will be going through the other paths. Zed's was great  I was very moved by it, I have no doubt the others will be the same. Looking forward to more from you in the future!