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Fun + nostalgic-style game, it gets the adrenaline going, and I like how it's short enough to re(play) in a quick sitting.  Thank you for creating the whole PICO-8 tutorial for it (I've only watched a few episodes so far).

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Fun and atmospheric little game, challenging enough, very impressive that you made this in a week, thank you! (found this via the link in someone’s PICO8 demake)

Hi, this is unrelated, but I noticed your link to your github on your main page has a typo (

Hi, where are you trying to play it?

The .p8.png file is a "cartridge" file that PICO-8 should be able to load (on your computer, on a raspberry pi / retroarch based arcade setup, or so on).

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Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I was hoping to make something people could get through in one sitting but wasn't too easy.

hey, thanks, I’m glad to hear that! I need to play through some of the other games now…

Lovely game-- interesting puzzles and use of PICO-8!

My personal high score is 140, and deepest level is 8. See game page for more notes.

Sure, just uploaded it, let me know if you have problems running it.

Thanks, and getting anything working to fit into the character limits is hard! You might be interested-- I revised it and was able to pack smoother motion and a bit more gameplay (multiple enemies) into 560 characters, though I had to remove sound and a few other details.

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Thanks! Ah, and now I see a bug in the attractor resizing-- I'll have to figure out if I can fix it within the 5 characters I have left...

Basically, when the attractor is at max size it changes the direction of what the resize button does-- but if you happen to stop resizing exactly at max size, it sits there changing direction back and forth 60 times a second, so you only have a 50/50 chance of hitting the resize button on the right frame to break out of that loop vs. further growing it.

Update: I think this is fixed now. 560/560 characters used.

ditto, elegant use of characters!