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A jam submission

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micro-roguelike in 560 characters of code for tweettweetjam
Submitted by icegoat9 (@icegoat9) — 5 days, 11 hours before the deadline
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rogue560's page

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poke(24364,3)g,s=mget,mset l=1h=30c=split("⌂█░░♥∧█♥░∧████","")r=rnd::n::for i=0,7 do for j=0,9 do t=i%7*j%9==0and 2or r(3+l)\1+2s(i,j,t)end end s(5,2,1)p=2q=7e=r(8)\1f=r(7)\1::m::cls()for i=0,7do for j=0,9do?c[g(i,j)],i*8,j*6,5 end end b=btnp()if b>0then h-=1x=p+b%4\2-b%2y=q+b%16\8-b%8\4t=c[g(x,y)] if(t!="█")p,q=x,y if(t=="⌂")l+=1h+=9goto n if(t=="∧")h-=2 if(t=="♥")s(x,y,3)h+=5 x=e+sgn(p-e)y=f+sgn(q-f) if e!=p and c[g(x,f)]!="█"then e=x else if(c[g(e,y)]!="█"and f!=q)f=y end end?"웃"..h,p*8,q*6,6 ?l,2,0,9 ?"🐱",e*8,f*6 flip() if(h>0and(e!=p or f!=q))goto m

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My personal high score is 140, and deepest level is 8. See game page for more notes.