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I can't type ! in my name!

Cool music Cool rubber Cool duckling woo-hoo.

Kill all humans! I mean veggies. Damn potatoes.

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Motion picture in a video game. Amazing!


Damn it I pressed alt f4 and ctr alt del once. Ptsd!!!

Hello, Thank you for your good suggestions about weapon yielding and swapping. I am currently testing and developing the sequel of this game. So updating this game except bug fixes will not be done near future. Sorry for the late answer.

Yes. It support Chinese language.

First of all thank you for playing SFD. Unfortunately, I have no plan on multiplayer mode. I have thought about pvp like multiplayer mode, but in either way, it is beyond my ability. I hope to expand this game further, but it seems that adding new contents or features are hard in near future.

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Thanks. I think the game will not be updated for a while. :( So maybe now is a good time.

Hello, currently I am working on major overhaul on this game although I don't exactly sure it'll be finished. You can send information to Thank you for interest to my game. Thank you.

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Fortunately I could find the reason of the bug soon. But sorry for loss of save file...

Sorry.. Hot fix just uploaded on android version.. It was related to save file compatibility.. 

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Hello, thank you for visiting my site.  I always finding music composing person cause I cannot make one.

But currently, I am thinking of major overhaul of game after resting some time.(Or maybe not..)

I will contact you if I decide the direction of game and change music . Thank you. 

Font is hard to read and sill small on android.

Some way to distinguish friend or foe easily

by reddit u/WindowOnInfinity

Fast root collecting

by reddit u/WindowOnInfinity

Partially implemented on v2.37

Implemented on v2.37

Fixed on v2.37

Fixed on v2.37

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Thanks! Bugs are not fixed because of your help. Next version will be released soon.

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Implement highscore  e.g. recording the highest level reached and party's last passage. by reddit u/WindowOnInfinity

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A couple of screens on the first playthrough for  ease people into the game a little bit by reddut u/WindowOnInfinity.

  • The Game - permadeath, reach the final dungeon, etc.
  • The map/playing area
  • Moving and combat

'Make that screen re-accessible if you've got unspent skill points' by Sam Hill

SFD community · Created a new topic Suggestions on gameplay
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Any suggestions will thankful.  I will consider and implement if possible and appropriate.

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v 2.36 Bug report :

It's possible for a map to spawn where items are inaccessible: (Teleport also)

by reddit u/WindowOnInfinity

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v2.36 Bug report:

Enemy disappeared of the screen: by reddit u/WindowOnInfinity

v2.36 Bug report : 

no longer move the characters - I can select things, but not move them around. See here:

by reddit u/WindowOnInfinity

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v 2.36 Bug report : undead revive out of bounds, on a field that cannot be attacked. by reddit u/relet

Will answer questions concerning game play.

SFD community · Created a new topic Bug Report
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If you found any bugs, much appreciated if you post them here. Thank you.

As I said Earlier,  you are my primary consumer :)

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Your advices will be considered highest priority since maybe you are the only one beat the game in this universe except me :) Thank you for playing my game. 

Many things are fixed thanks to you. New version is available.

I am really sorry...

Thanks for lots of CTDs.. I am sorry and will fix it.

Final dungeon floor is 8'th (or 7'th you consider first as 0). Thank you for playing