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Hey, umm, I've been trying to get all the endings but have missed a few. I read through the walkthrough and it says there are timed questions?! I haven't encountered any timed questions. I just played through again and sat there for every question and none of them appear to be timed. What gives? I haven't been able to get endings 1, 2, or 3, but I believe I achieved the others.


I played the game up until the end of Murphy, and then quit. I tried to reload today (using same user name), and it tells me a new game will be started. I checked the save directory, and it has a file called loginDesktop.ini, and one called PPC.sav. Neither file has much info in them, and there is no mention of my saved character.

I'm running Windows 10.

Any idea what happened?

Threaten James with a restraining order b/c of his harassment. He'll stop calling. You may find your car gets keyed later on though.

All the "good memories" in the kid's bedroom eh? Well there's a scary thought. :)

but seriously, great game.

I completely agree with the comparison of this with that official Shadowgate remake--Infested felt much more like Shadowgate to me than that remake.

I did identify the chemical combination in the manner you had intended. I just mean before that happened, I found the water mixing system unintuitive. From what I recall, after randomly adding a few chemicals and then examining the system it would say something like "the chemicals are mixed and now you just have to run it," and then pressing the button would just cause a beeping sound. But regardless I loved the game, so thanks again!

I thoroughly enjoyed the game, so thanks for making it! It definitely reminded me of Shadowgate, one of my all-time favourite games.

The only part in the game I found frustrating was adding the chemicals to the water supply--it'd be helpful if it was more descriptive rather than simply beeping when the chemical combination wasn't correct.

There appeared to be a bug involving the space suit and boots and the outer door; I was able to safely open the door without having them in my inventory after loading a previous save where I hadn't yet collected them. By the way, you'd get blown out into space--not sucked.

Anyway, fantastic work! Thanks so much.