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I thoroughly enjoyed the game, so thanks for making it! It definitely reminded me of Shadowgate, one of my all-time favourite games.

The only part in the game I found frustrating was adding the chemicals to the water supply--it'd be helpful if it was more descriptive rather than simply beeping when the chemical combination wasn't correct.

There appeared to be a bug involving the space suit and boots and the outer door; I was able to safely open the door without having them in my inventory after loading a previous save where I hadn't yet collected them. By the way, you'd get blown out into space--not sucked.

Anyway, fantastic work! Thanks so much.

Thank you for the feedback, it's really appreciated. In the immortal words of Lt. Commander Data "Blown out, not sucked out in to space. A common misconception" ;) You're absolutely right. I'm very glad you enjoyed. bringing back nostalgia for Shadowgate was the whole purpose of making this game and it's always good to hear that it reminds players of that. As for the water supply chemical puzzle; there actually is a way to find the combination through examination of previously discovered elements on the ship. The reason for the "guessing game" was to be more lenient. As for the space suit glitch; thank you for the detailed description as that helps with our improvements.


I did identify the chemical combination in the manner you had intended. I just mean before that happened, I found the water mixing system unintuitive. From what I recall, after randomly adding a few chemicals and then examining the system it would say something like "the chemicals are mixed and now you just have to run it," and then pressing the button would just cause a beeping sound. But regardless I loved the game, so thanks again!

Sorry, I missunderstood what you meant at first. I fully understand now. You're very welcome for the game and thanks again for the awesome feedback.