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ahh alright :)

yep. controls are good how they are now

here. but i mean you could leave it like how it is now. otherwise it may be too easy or not challenging? :p

i mean yeah. but it was kind of a mechanic. i can tell you in the dms how to make the ship always face the cursor if you want

The tutorial is now skippable ^^

The tutorial is now skippable ^^

super fun game! i had pretty much fun for it for a couple minutes. its stupid and that makes it funny haha.

anyone here that can beat my highscore of 90 kills? ;)

i first of all needed to google how and where to open the file

the game is barely playable so theres not much to say about it. try to spend more time on an project, then it will get better

i can clearly see, that you put in a lot of work into the system. but i played it for a couple minutes now and still have no clue what happens and how to beat it haha

small simple game. makes fun for a couple minutes. but i dont really get where the downgrade happens there

pretty fun game. fx are nice game is simple but fun. but not really creative as it is a copy u know.

thanks for the feedback! ill make it skippable!

thanks for the feedback! ill make it skippable!

Transdimensional is a Game created for the WeeklyGameJam #180

(Theme: Downgrade)

The Game plays on an Airship and is themed Steampunk-like

You play a Hero, that gets summoned on the Airship to defend the Big Robot!

You try to defeat him with Shooting and Destroying the Crystal on his Jetpack! But... was that a good idea?....let's find out

The Game and everything around it was made within 6 Days. im happy and proud of what the game got!

Feel free to try it out. i would love to get some feedback on improvements i could make on the game. I would also love to hear possible improvements for the content i make (trailer, gameplay, screenshots etc.) and i need you for this!

thanks. i worked like 12 hours/day for this :)

i will upload the game as folder right now

overall great game!

nice visuals!

fun rage platformer! 

the visuals are awesome and the game mechanics feel nice. however having no sound at all is kinda sad :(

overall fun game for a couple minutes.

however the gameplay is a bit monotone and kinda boring.

you can clearly see, that you are an new artist! but what is mainly missing here is the gameplay!

anyway. audio and visual experience was great!

well..sorry to tell you but its not a game.

i read your quote and know, that you dont had time and i mean we can see it because the game is literally 1 hour into development. im interested to see what it may get if you update it!

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mhhh... the game is okay and makes fun,but you could have done way more. also considering the fact, that you used 3 more days than you should have.

lets start with the positive:

1. you are a really good pixel artists. the backgrounds are awesome!, but you should have spent more time on animations etc. the dogs arent animated at all

2. the gameplay is kinda fun with those dogs :D

now the possible improvements:

-the UI is not bad , but also not creative. give it your personal touch!

-animate the dogs!! animations are essential

-make more with sfx etc. only one song in a loop is a bit monotone. sfx make a game enjoyable!

-fix major bugs like the bug, that you get stuck on walls literally eveytime.

btw im looking for an 2d artist for my team and i love youre pixel art work. hit me up if youre interested in teaming up with an unity programmer ^^ ( i also have an sfx artist and a 3d artist in my team)

i would love to work with you!

here is a walkthrough of the easy level.

here you can briefly see how to beat the game

was the easy mode too hard?

nice small game haha

i like the physics and the style of the game

however what is sad is, that there is no sound (or it was buggy and only me has no sound)

the game mechanics are also nice! good riddle game

thanks. so it was hard? mhh okay my bad i need to do the easy mode easier then.

btw if you defeat the boss then the downgrade happens. so if you have time please play it one more time. i would like to get some feedback on the 2d part as well

nice game! makes fun and the downgrade got implemented nice. also creative idea!

funny game for a couple minutes. but you need to spend more time and love in an project. you can see, that you quickly made this game. but its missing the nice details and the love.

anyway the game mechanics are nice, the audio is a bit monotone, the visuals are ok but could have been better.

also i dont know where the downgrade happens here

overall nice game! well done. visuals are great, audio is good but could have been better. anyway. game mechanics are great. but sometimes feel a little bit cluncy

nice game! the post processing does a really good job there. the game feels smooth when playing. however it is pretty click heave and exhausting after some time haha

good game after all. the strongest parts are its game mechanics. the controls feel very nice. however the audio was super loud and penetrating.

also you could have made an nice background  instead of the standart plain color from unity

funny small game.

the walking animation is HILARIOUS XD

had such a fun time playing. best animations ever seen haha

well the game is okay. but what im completely missing are any sounds... fron the visuals... i can clearly see from the player sprite, that youre an good artist. you could have done way more there!

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mhhh... not really creative. also the death sound is WAY to loud.

but is has something!

overall good game.

but no sound sadly ;(

its kinda funny for a couple minutes. but also to easy in my opinion. try make it a little bit more challenging!

nothing to say here than fucking creative and good game!

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funny rage game!

visuals are decent

audios are a bit annoing to be honest

game mechanics feel good!

good job

btw also an small controls explanation would be good. i needed like 3 minutes to found out you can shoot with k

great game! what you could have improved is the shooting sound! its... ouuchy

great game! what you could have improved is the shooting sound! its... ouuchy

great game! what you could have improved is the shooting sound! its... ouuchy

small game. its pretty stupid, but funny :D

great small game. it is super fun and the game mechanics feel fresh!