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The detail on this is wonderful. Truly made by a fan-- was so excited to find Wash's dinosaurs and the cans with all the labels ripped off by River :D

Very clever little game! Metal Gear Solid VR :D

Ran into some glitches with walking up people and walls. I admit I got a little impatient-- would love a run button!

Very cool game -- beautiful and had a nice level of polish to it. I don't think I ever really picked up on how to play properly though-- maybe a little more explanation would be helpful.

Very cool proof of concept! I learned a lot from playing this, and had fun too. Gotta say, even though it goes against the central premise of the game, I really wanted to smack missiles out of the sky with my hands!

Ha! Awesome puzzle. Love the game-- congrats man :D

Love the art style!!

Love the creativity in putting together a totally unique control scheme. And you get major bonus points for sharing your source code. Also I found this to be genuinely terrifying-- so much so that I kept accidentally pressing the grip buttons to warp, and then dying when I couldn't find myself!

Great job on this! Gorgeous assets and a cool premise. I love the inside-out nature of it and this is the first game I've seen where I can see myself while playing.

Here's the WebGL version for anyone who wants to play without VR! Note that it requires a x64 bit browser such as Firefox

So cool to see a 3rd person VR game! Love the level design, art style, and concept-- great way to take the roll-a-ball unity tutorial and do something really cool with it. I did feel nauseated very quick while playing, particularly when coming down from a jump. Really liked playing the Non-VR version afterwards though!

I recommend unlocking the camera from the ball on the y-axis, so when you jump the camera doesn't jump as well. And for the non-VR version, make it possible to turn the camera with just a game controller ;)

Awesome!! Our team talked about a human tetris game but didn't think we could pull it off in the 48 hours. Really love what you guys have done with just the DK2 and a controller, and also great idea to have the second camera visible to help position yourself. I hope you have a vive someday to add hand controls and wider positional tracking. Yahoo!

Game looks gorgeous and I'd love to play it, but I don't have a Vive! Will you be at the showcase on Monday?

Love how this looks and would love to play! But I don't have a Vive. Will you be at the showcase on Monday??

Holy goodness guys this is so cool. I don't have a vive, but just shooting those beams with the mouse was a ton of fun, and gorgeous to look at. Did you make these assets yourself? There's some real talent at work here!

Looks really cool! Wish I had a leap motion so I could play. How did you keep such a high framerate with so many lights and animations happening at once??

Cool concept, visuals, and music! For some reason my controller wasn't stealing properly (holding x didn't usually work), and the movement was a little wonky. Also the top view's grainy effect, while cool, made me a little nauseated. Would also be fun if there were cops roaming around the level looking out to stop you :P

Really love this! Feels like a complete experience-- even love the audio. I wish this was something they gave us in architecture school to teach spatial reasoning. Well done, well done sir!

Very cool idea, but it made me nauseated pretty quick, partly because of the flashing light on the mountains, and partly because of all the spinning involved. I think you might be onto something though-- this is one of most creative ideas for a VR puzzle game I've seen!

Very cool guys! I see both our teams took an interest in miniaturization and jump-to movement :)

Love the art style and soundscape. I was only able to find two crystals/runes. I found a fairy thing but couldn't interact with it. Was I supposed to?

This looks like the Unity project file. Is there a gamebuild version? This looks fun and I'd love to play it!

Ahhh you're right Panajoti! I never updated to the newest Oculus runtime, so I never had a problem. Well, it works through 1.1, but not with the newest. New version uploaded, though now some elements of the game are broken :/

so weird! we're not having any problems getting it to work in DK2 at all on multiple computers. Virtual reality mode is enabled... hm. Working on it, but let me know if you have any ideas.

Very cool little sandbox! Also appreciate the way the grid system is set up.

I enjoyed this! I got stuck after playing for a bit, but the growing/shrinking mechanic was very fun. Great work!

Me too! I was just about to post my ratings when I saw they were over. Also, how did so many games score poorly on 'must be for the HTC Vive?' Pretty sure ALL of these were for the HTC Vive, and therefore all deserve perfect marks there :/

You're an inspiration! :D

haha I love how focused you are. Super dedicated to your own game, then methodically trying out everyone else's quicker than I'm sure many of us have (I've still only tried out 3 so far and, knowing me, probably won't finish the rest until this weekend). How do you do it?? :)

wow! congratulations on your dedication. I look forward to checking out your game.

Cool! :D

Just curious ;)

Guess I'll just have to get a vive then! :)

Damn this looks so fun but I don't have a Vive~! Hope I get a chance to check it out on Monday.

Thanks so much!

Looks really cool! Would love to play but I don't have a LeapMotion :(

not that I know of. Maybe stick with Google Cardboard