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"Please be aware that this game contains explicit sexual content"

That's... that's why we're here.  :p

In all seriousness, looking forward to more of this game a lot.  Looks great!

Neat addition!  But there needs to be a way to remove the shirt or pants for if we wanna use the items in the underwear or bras section for our main looks, like before we strip down further.

The current change removed a number of outfit options since we now always have to wear one of the shirts and pants, whereas before we could wear some of the items as our main styles.

I don't have a Google Pixel 7 Pro but just wanted to say that it's super cool you're accommodating those that do.  Keep up the good work, you rock! 💙

I prefer to not play as a human, humans to me are kinda boring.  Your own personal preference doesn't speak for the entire market.  Neither does mine, but you trying to pretend like what you like is what everyone likes isn't cool at all.

I love it!  I love you!  I love everything!  This was awesome, thanks for making it!

Ah, wanted to see what would happen partway through my playthrough if I let her get max horny.

It reset my progress back to the beginning?  Didn't expect a harsh punishment like that.  In the future maybe like, just have it send her into the beginning room or something so she has to walk back to where you had her instead of resetting the whole game...

Otherwise was pretty neat though, from my half hour of playing that I did!

Ooooh, this looks super fun!  Thanks so much for making it!

Thank you.  I went to the first store and saw that they were all 15, then went to the second store and didn't realize they were cheaper there.  Sorry that I'm a bit dumb, heh.  Thank you very much!

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I don't understand what to do at all.  I can give her food, give her a bath, have her sleep, or whip her until she cries and I feel like an absolutely terrible person.  :(

But none of this seems to make any of the two meters go up or down or give me any of these dice that people are talking about.  Is it glitched maybe?  There doesn't seem to be any feedback that anything I do is actually progressing with anything.  It seems like it says I'm getting hearts after I do the nice things, but the heart meter looks like it's maxed anyway and never changes, as far as I can tell...

Really cute art though.

It's okay, these things happen.  I wish I could help out with why it glitched, I know these things can be frustrating for developers for sure.  Regardless, thanks for making the game!

Seems like a really fun idea!  Unfortunately I seem to be stuck.  From what I can tell a bookcase should disappear when I put a book in it, but I have the red and green books and neither of them make the corresponding bookcases disappear when I use them.  Still, fun idea and seems like a good setup, well done!  ^_^

Is there any where to get the intro song?  That was great!