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This was pretty fun X)

Patch Notes:

  1. Login issues have now been fixed, you should have no problems registering yourself.
  2. Manual Registration is now available
  3. Main menu "Play" button now shows gray until ready to matchmake
  4. Various Bug Fixes 
  5. FPS counter is now shown 
  6. New music added to the login and main menu
  7. We have done various optimizations the game should run better now

Check out the update and let us know if you come across any bugs while playing.

These are the current know issues:

  • Manual Registration is not working
  • There is a chance when registering via Google or Facebook that the process fails.
  • Low FPS in certain older phone models 
  • Repeating dialog lines 
  • Phone vibration triggering when using throttle and joystick

*All this issues are to be addressed in the upcoming update which is due in a few weeks*

thanks for your feedback! yes vibration has definitely a tad overboard we will dial it in with the next update that will focus on optimizations .

we are addressing many of these issues, with regards to throttle we will probably have both the option to have the throttle hide itself as well as a non hiding variant. Some people do prefer to have as much of the screen space not cluttered by UI as possible so this way we can please both preferences. damage indicators will be added (probably at a later update after the optimizations depending on the workload) so that people are alerted to where they are getting hit from.

great feedback! thanks to this we have a better idea about what to prioritize, we encourage all our users to come and drop feedback such as this to help us figure things out. 

Hi Everyone! 
Welcome to the technical Demo of WARFLEET - CAPTAINS. The purpose here is to get our game out to as many hands as possible to try out our game and let us know what you think. To promote the existence of the project and hopefully get some funds together to complete it.

So make sure to leave thorough feedback on the game. We have included ways within game to report any bugs, but feel free to come here and leave suggestions too! 

Have fun out there Captains.

The technical demo of Warfleet - Captains, a multiplayer spaceship combat game on mobile is now available for everyone to play on!
Come try out the game game and let us know what you think.


  • Multiplayer matchmaking
  • 2 ship classes with preset ability loadouts for different combat roles (Frigate and Destroyer)
  • 1 map, Maginot Belt a section of this asteroid belt where an observation post has detected unknown signals has become a battlefield
  • 1 game mode Deathmatch mode - nice and easy, kill the enemy team's ships till their lives are depleted to with the match
  • Bots, we put these in so you dont have to wait for long to get into a match.

 Link: Warfleet-Captains 

Hey thanks for playing the game... we are very glad that you liked it. Good luck to you and the future of of your channel. 

Hey thanks for playing Contortion... your comments means alot to us. :)

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Hi if you can take a screenshot using Windows Event Viewer; in that, locate the error; it could help us a lot to fix this as soon as possible... thank you..

Hey! Thanks for reaching us; can you locate the error via Windows Event Viewer? a Screenshot would do :)

Hey! We are sorry for your inconvenience; can you locate the error via Windows Event Viewer? a Screenshot would do :) Thank you...

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Hi! Can you help us out by sending us your PC Specs. If not you can open up the task manager and see if Contortion pops up but if it's not running, it's probably a runtime error. 

Try installing, repairing or updating the .NET Framework.

Download Link:

Hey thank you very much it means alot; your game seems very interesting; we are definitely going to check it out

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Hey thanks for trying the game; your comments mean alot to us. I know it's confusing but however that is what we intended as the developers. If you wish to know more you can submit a question here we will answer them by end of this Month in our podcast (which will be updated here). 

We hope when we start discussing how things came together you'll understand the true vision of this project as we developers expected from the players :) But thank you so much for playing and for your comments

Thank you very much; that means alot to us

Hey thank you so much for playing; we really enjoyed your gameplay. Thank you for your comments. Indeed it has to do "something" with the horrors of war. If you wish to know more you can follow our podcasts where we will discuss how things came together if you're interested.

Click on the video for the Podcast Playlist :)

Sounds awesome... can't wait to hear your thoughts :)

Hey, Thanks for playing; finally someone understood the concept, we are so relieved... Yes the dates play a huge part. We are definetly subscribing to your channel. Interesting content. If you wish to know more you can follow our podcast where we will discuss everything regarding this project :)

Hey! We really enjoyed your gameplay and comments.... It is indeed a very strange game; but if you didn't understand it then you understood is what our writer proposed even for the dev team. Thank you for playing but if you wish to know more regarding the project, we will soon discuss how things came together in our podcast... you can catch us every Sunday... ;)

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Hi, thank you for playing we really enjoyed your game-play and your comments regarding the project... glad you enjoyed it as much as we did making it. No, it's not the Russian one 

But we will be discussing more regarding this project on our podcast in detail if you wish to know more

Hey thanks for playing; Well for a fact 6th of August 1945 is the day when US dropped Little Boy over Hiroshima; I guess you might've figured it out by now... Well you can catch our Podcast every Sunday if you wanna know more about this project ;)