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The game's mechanics are polished and responsive without being excessively "juicy". It had a very calming atmosphere, and the color pallet fit well with the gameplay. Very well done!

I liked it! The pixel art was really good and I loved the CRT effect. Also I got to the secret room! (idk how)

The art is really good and the animations were smooth. I especially liked the whoosh effect when the player turns their head. good job, it was very cozy!

This was very fun! At first I wasn't sure how a survival game would be seen as cozy,  but I was pleasantly surprised. Managing all those tasks just by clicking on them with the calming ukulele music in the background is as cozy as it gets. The progression was also very nice and simple. Good game!

It's hard to learn a game engine within an hour, but I recommend Godot.

To make the storm texture move, I just enabled triplanar mapping. As for the strange export, the game wouldn't change scenes unless the executable was in the project directory. So I just zipped the whole thing along with the executable. For slopes I took reference from Garbaj's video.

Thank you for playing!

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Maranax Infirmux!

Thank you for rating the game!

I love discovery in this game, like figuring out how to speak tiger.

are these what is happen? aaaa why is turn

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I like how nomadic the gameplay is. I love the aesthetic, reminds me when was still up.

The small demons are like baby zombies, I love it.

Great horror game