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Thanks for the comment! I guess its time to talk about the controls. I was under the impression that K and J were common buttons to use, as I had seen them used in Shovel Knight. In the future, I'll likely make both KJ and ZX viable control schemes.

Cool game. I like the art a lot, but the gameplay is a little bit finnicky and hard to get into.

Cool game! The different guns are pretty interesting, but the game gets stale pretty fast. The gameplay also really doesn't change much between guns (except when it gets 10x harder with dynamite)

Cool game! The puzzles seem pretty well designed, although there were a couple times when I won completely on accident when it didn't appear that I did. 

Nice game! I enjoyed the gameplay, although there are of course impossible level designs as others have mentioned. The art is very pleasing, as is the audio, and overall it was a nice little game.

haha I meant that it was funny when the banana became a grappling hook

Cool game! I loved how many uses the banana had. I lost it when it became a grappling hook 

Sick game! Executing these levels made me feel like a badass. The minimalistic juicy artstyle was also very appealing.

Awesome game! I loved the elegant chain mechanic. The combat was extremely engaging and unique, and hurling around enemies and boxes was a blast. I also loved the artwork, the sprites were very cute! Overall one of my favorite games so far

Great game! The mechanics were really well designed and created interesting and frantic gameplay. 

Nice game! I liked the simple but satisfying gun mechanics. The shoot-to-move movement sometimes felt a little hard to control, but very fun regardless. 

Nice game! Super freaky stuff but I loved it

Cool game, really like the character designs and puzzles

Nice time! Sorry about the slow cannons

It's an interesting game. The artwork is a bit all over the place, with clashing colors and such. The gameplay is pretty good, but the game is a bit unpolished.

you’re too kind lol

thank you so much 🙏🏼 

Thank you :)

I’m fine with that. Thanks for playing!

It's an interesting game. I like the storyline, but the game is quite buggy and unpolished.


Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

This is impressive! Great game, and the art is great too!

Very nice game. I like the gameplay. It's satisfying to pick up drones and watch them mow through enemies.

Good work! The puzzles are very clever.

It was fun, i beat it first try :) Only complaint is that the screen gets a bit too cluttered on the later levels.

This is a great concept! It's very, very difficult lol

Nice game. I liked the tactical gameplay. It's a bit unpolished and difficult, but other than that good job!

Interesting game. I like the clean graphics. The gameplay is a little bit shallow though.

Loved this game! The idea is super fun. Only problem is it's a little bit underpolished.

Love how chaotic the rope gets. Looping around enemies and popping them out of existence is very satisfying! good job!

Good work! The game is fun, but a little bit short.

It was fun to click and slowly form a path. Good work!

The game is a bit unpolished and unfinished, but I love the feeling of controlling a huge whale!

Interesting idea! The controls are a bit finnicky, but the main idea is enjoyable.

Go for it

Nice game! I like the stealth mechanics. It was a bit hard to maneuver around the guards.

The artwork is great! The gameplay is a bit confusing but still enjoyable.

Sorry for the confusion, but thanks for playing!