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This was excellent! Very polished. Love the voice acted narrative and the aesthetic of the rooms (even if Dudley doesn't). Would liked to have seen the gameplay grow alongside the narrative, as it became somewhat repetitive finding phones towards the end, but overall I had a great time.

AHHHHH YEAHHHH... This is incredible. (worked fine in Firefox)

This is a great game concept. It makes for a very interesting puzzle. I think it would be nice if you could add difficulty ramping, so that each stage requires more and more complex trading to solve.

That was cool. You got a lot out of the minimal aesthetic visually. The track itself was very cool. I wish the controls were a lot tighter and less slippery, however.

Hey y'all. If you've downloaded and are playing the beta build of SoSoS, here's where you can report any issues you've had or if you have a cool idea I should add to the game. Thanks for the help!

Thanks, Jupiter!

Yeah, I struggled against it for most of the week. Definitely not the most user friendly.

This is a lot of fun. Interesting how having your potential routes mapped alters decision making in how you attempt to escape. I wish the game recorded how far I made it so that I could attempt to beat my high scores.