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Saw your ad in Thomas Manual's newsletter, and yeah, you've got my attention

Is there a way to see what the enemy's movement range is?

Enjoyed this!

This is cool. I generated HASTUR'S BLASTERS, a Legion of Marines that fled the People's Republic of Betelgeuse after a palace coup they supported failed. 

They survived the destruction of the rebel forces because their transport crashed on a planet in the Antares sector, and pursuing loyalist forces didn't thoroughly check the surface.  With their cause seemingly lost, they commandeered the first merchant vessel to stop in the area, and turned mercenary.

Their specialty is boarding and capturing hostile warships and spacestations. Standard tactics are to blow holes in enemy defenses with salvos of missiles, which they use to enter, and then use plasma weapons to wreck the inside of the target.

They are known for the their discipline, fighting even to the death, and for carrying old rebellion banners into combat with them. They particularly seek contracts that will allow them to fight against the PRB. Most of their recruits are actually PRB prisoners who they convince to join them via unknown means.

I like it

Looking at this (and the Fregena adventure), and the thing that jumps out at me is how the missions are structured like quests in a video game. While it seems obvious in retrospect, I've never seen it done this clearly before. I think it's a good idea, especially for new GMs who are still figuring out how adventures fit together. Stealing this idea for future projects.

You have my attention!

Congratulations on funding! Very excited to see the full PDF - and, of course, the finished book.

I recently picked up the POD version of YHS and can confirm it is still quite nice

Excited for this!

Yes I was picking Gear beforehand, I subconsciously assumed it worked the same as in Band of Blades. Now I understand!

How did I get past your firewalls? Easy. I just snuck into your data center as part of a cleaning crew, and copied all the login info left on sticky notes :)

Very excited to hear about the possibility of reusable sheets, looking forward to the final product!

Very excited by the Kickstarter announcement, that is extremely cool. It helps that the promo video is *chefs kiss* vibes

Since you are updating the rules, I took a look at the pamphlets again and noted everything I thought was less than clear, as well as couple rules I had opinions about. Hopefully this is constructive! If not, I'm sorry :(


  • The section on Cyberware says "Describe how it can be used on an action and mark [stress] or Armor accordingly". On my first read-through I wasn't sure if that meant I mark those things when I take the Ware, or when I use it. (I'm pretty sure it's when I use it).
  • Side note I think it would be cool it Cyberware Pushes were different from regular Pushes in some way so they feel more 'special'. But maybe that's just me.


  • If I understand the rules right, when selecting your Load, if you want to carry spare ammunition, you mark the Ammo entry on the Gear List. But when you are OUT OF AMMO the rules say to "mark Ammo to reload", which is confusing. Maybe changing the wording to "cross off Ammo" or "erase Ammo" would be clearer.


  • "While OVERLOADED, you gain ^E". I'm pretty sure the "E" is for "Effect", but it doesn't have the diamond around it like elsewhere in the text so I was wondering if it meant "Edge" instead.


  • I asked you before what the colored boxes on the progress bars represented. Maybe text saying something like "Colored segments represent Edges that are lost when the runners make progress against the Threat" would provide clarity?

And the Kickstarter...

  • So it looks like four of the booklets in the case are Player's Booklets? I do feel a little weird that half of the product will maybe only be good for a single session of play. Unless they are laminated for use with wet erase markers? That would be cool!

Again I hope this is productive and not me just be nitpicky. It's a very good game! I am very much looking forward to the Kickstarter and to reading the new booklets!

This is really cool


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Very well done!

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Making this my sig pronto! :)

Also if you are still doing promotional sketches, I would love to have you sketch my bounty hunter!  His name is BRADBURY 'SHARKTOOTH' PYLE, he is a COOL OPERATOR with BLUE CYBER EYES, and he is a FUGITIVE from the corporation that raised him.

Just played this today - and it was great! Everyone had fun, and we all agreed that it really felt like an extended episode of a certain anime.  Our characters infiltrated a hospital, stole a tranquilizer machinegun, crashed a shopping cart, and finally cornered our bounty in a run-down aquarium - only to see them eaten by a shark.  But we did stock up on bean dip!

As for questions and areas that could be tightened up:

* I think the game could use a character sheet - I made one up in Google Sheets, but then kept realizing that I had left something out, and had to edit it.  Maybe it could be combined with the player aid you are working on?

* Injuries/Conditions are introduced in sort of a piecemeal fashion.  You don't learn for a few pages after they are first mentioned what they mechanically do - take you halfway to being knocked out.  In part because of that, partly because I misread the rules, we didn't do much with them - usually we would add some sort of narrative twist or complication to the character's success (i.e. you get through the door BUT now the guards are on high alert).  And since we would do 2 or 3 rolls in each of our solos, there is the possibility that someone could have taken two injuries before we got to the Headout - what would happen then?

* I could see a slightly different player group struggling to find the flow of collaborative narration early on - maybe a slightly more structured opening, that holds the players' hands through introducing story elements and complications for each other, would be useful?

Again, great game, 5/5 would complain about having to eat vegetables again.  Thank you for making it!

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This looks so dang cool

Ran a game of this set in Neo-Miami in the 21XX.  Great fun was had by all.  The runners somehow made it past gangs, Judge Dredd-knockoffs, a spider tank, and two fratricidal AIs (I guess I was too easy on them!).  Probably the most memorable scene though, was one two of the players traded their (prospective) first born child for a limo!

I did have one question - it's not clear to me how 'nested' progress bars work? For the tank, I gave it an energy shield, so that the amount of damage it could take was limited until that bar was completed, and then I made a separate bar for the tank itself.  Not sure if that's what you meant though.

This should be in every Fate GM's toolbox.  Valuable advice on how create opposition for your players, from different classes of enemies, to traps and barriers.  Also has a variety of example enemy lists - whatever setting or genre you're playing in, you are bound to find something you can use

There are a lot of great Fate games out there, but I still think this is the best one.  

+ The setting of the Atomic Robo comics is incredibly fun, and the comic art used to illustrate the book is excellent.  

+ The rules are explained in a tone that is conversational yet specific, and illustrated with comic panels to show how the game emulates its genre.  IMHO this book is the best way for new players and GMs to come to grips with how fate works.

+ It also introduces new, valuable mechanics to the Fate toolbox.  There are rules for superpowers, inventing new tech (which can also be used for rituals or long-term projects), and improvising solutions to mysteries.  Additionally, many of these are tied to being good at science, so less action-oriented characters get to do lots of cool stuff!

- The only complaint I have is that so-called 'EZ character creation' is actually kind of confusing in practice, at least the first time!  Still faster than most other RPGs.

I really like this concept.  Seeing the 'unharvested' counter pop up was quite chilling.

I enjoyed it quite a bit.  Would be very interested in a more fleshed-out version with a greater variety of tactical challenges and options.


It was almost impossible for me to be able to click on items in my inventory to use them.  The poor controls combined with the permadeath made for a frustrating experience.  I like the look and concept of the game, though, and I would like to play an updated version

Figured it out, file was missing UnityPlayer.dll.  Unfortunately I can't progress past the hand-pointy part.

Neat concept!

Can't run it :(

I like it but I keep randomly dying for no reason :(

I really like the concept and the art.  I would love to see it expanded.

Good to know, I'll have to start playing with Harlowe the next time I faff about with Twine.

(and I appreciate your appreciation ;)

I didn't know you could do half of this with twine!

Really enjoyed this game!  If you like quirky JRPGs, you should check it out (and the crowdfunding campaign too!).

A short but sweet game with lovely character art, about a girl who gets caught up mysterious  goings-on when she goes to inquire about the health of the land's beloved Empress.  The story does follow a lot of Japanese storytelling tropes, which can feel awkward if you aren't used to them.  Unfortunately, the English translation is quite awkward as well.

I like the concept of this game, and think it has potential, but I feel like it needs to be more challenging, or introduce more wrinkles into the combat system, to really hold my interest.  The most frustrating bug I encountered is when an enemy unit doesn't do anything on their turn, forcing me to restart from the most recent checkpoint.  I got so frustrated with that bug I didn't even finish :(