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Thank you for this! I like the nice design of the game

Thank you, this is awesome!

Thanks for providing this! I like the cool idea and the split screen support! Awesome.

Thanks for providing these awesome assets!

Thanks for providing these very cool character sprites!

Thanks Brender for providing these nice models! They're awesome!

Thank you for this cool and nicely designed game!

Thanks for giving this, it does look very nice and cozy!

That is very cool! Thanks for making it available, I think it must have taken a very long time to code and test!

Hello my friend, I know life can be quite challenging, but please don't push your family away if you don't mind. Family is there for you, they are your closest links and bonds, and your mother is the most loving person to you. Things can be tough, but I guarantee if you have a good relationship with your mother and the rest of your family, this will be better than being in a negative or "distant" relationship with them. I hope you have a nice day!

Thanks for making this cool game, and good luck on your game development! If you made this when you are this young, you must have lots of talent! Nice!

I played the updated demo with keyboard controls, and the game is awesome! I would really enioy hopefully playing this when it's released.

Hello everyone! If you have purchased the game on, then you can maybe go to here: and scroll/find where Among Us and re-download it to hopefully get the up to date version. (I only have it on mobile, not on computer)

Thanks Rkgames953!

Thanks for the update!

Thanks for making this!

Thanks for providing this! I appreciate it

I'm happy to see these awesome new updates!

I like the video you made about this game!


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Thank you brother for your friendliness and good attitude, I also have many things to improve about my own behaviour - hopefully even in these times around the world, people can come together in unity and brotherhood!

I will hopefully let you know my review of the game - I am also a fan of Wreck-it Ralph and the game seems very interesting & creative!

Thank you my friend Ofihombre, I appreciate you doing this. I understand your complaint about the downloads but I just think blaming certain people or the situation of their countries was not fair. The rating has been removed, and I wish you good luck in your game development!

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[Thank you]

You're welcome brother, I hope you have continued success hopefully!

Wow, this looks like you put a lot of effort into it! Great job brother!

I would also appreciate this please

I'm excited for this to release, especially for PS4! Good luck!

Awesome, thanks for the update!

Thanks for making this!

Good luck with your project! I am interested in it, and what you have so far seems cool!

The game is already very good and fun, and I'm excited for these new upcoming features hopefully! Please don't feel rushed though - the game has lots of nice content already!

You're welcome, and thanks for listening to a fan of your game! Many developers/companies don't do this, but it means a lot and shows the care that you have :D Also, in case it is not already included in the game, it could be interesting for the player if there was a story or background lore to the events of the game.

Hi, I hope you're doing well! I wish you good luck and success with Soul of Hero! It is a nice & fun game and it is clear that a lot of effort and time has been put into it. I really like the character customization as well as the art style.

Being able to upgrade your character as you gain experience is a fun feature that can encourage players to keep playing which is nice! Also, it may be that I have a different version, but one suggestion is that on Windows, it would be helpful if the attack button worked if you clicked it once instead of holding it down to attack maybe. The different environments, enemies and items are interesting, and the art style is great!

Please don't be discouraged, it is challenging to get games noticed but hopefully your hard work will pay off!

I'm glad to hear that! An educational version is a nice idea that can also help educate children & families about such situations. Good luck!

Thanks for making this very touching and beautiful game! It shares a look into the life of a refugee in a very innovative manner and I appreciate that. Is there any news about further content for the game?

Thanks for making these!

Awesome! I would also enjoy playing with my siblings, thanks for the updates! Maybe in the full game, you can do modes like zombie survival or various wipe-out stages [like in a competition] if you wanted to.