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Hey man, I tried out your game in my spotlight series. Really cool aesthetic.

Hey, I played your game.

This is actually pretty neat, good job guys!

Here's a video because of course:

I love you bae

Here's a video because yep.

Why did I make this?

This was a ton of fun! Here's a video on the game for those interested:

Welp, here's a video about it.

Here's a video about the game for some reason.

Hi guys,
Had a really fun time playing this, even if I did feel a bit motion sick from the speed!

Really neat game you've made. Here's a video of it!

Made a video about this. Why? No idea.

Why did I make a video out of this?

Hi guys,

Went ahead and made a video playing the game. I'm terrible at it but had a ton of fun! Really looking forward to see what you guys can do with it!

Very entertaining! Even made a video about it!

Cheers man!

Why did I make a video about this?

Cheers for the game guys, had a ton of fun playing it!

Hi guys,

Made a video about it, check it out if you want or whatever.


I mean, I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't quite this.

Hi guys,

I admit you piqued my interest so I ended up making a live impressions video about the game.


- Patty