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That is so cool! I’d love a line by line explanation for how it works, or at least an un-minified version of the source

really cool! For an extra challenge, it’d be awesome for a parallax effect in the background with another plane

That's really cool!


Super cool! Reminded me of Tenet a little bit (but comprehensible and better).

Cute :) Reminded me of the one you had with the console and having to hack the environment

Got 190! Very cool idea

Love how the sandwich leans as you move left and right

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Really good - but very hard! It'd be nice to have the ability to see what the full picture is supposed to look like (e.g. when you're doing a number sliding puzzle, you know the order the numbers are *supposed* to be)

Edit: I missed the fact you have a Hint section with just that

Any tips?

Very clever!

This is awesome! Really nice artwork, physics feel good

This is crazy cool. 

One little piece of feedback - it's a bit hard to read the indicated combo buttons, especially some of the arrows. I would make them a bit bigger to be able to distinguish them.

Awesome job!

Really impressive to see the non-axis aligned sprites. My best time is 10 seconds - what's yours?

I really liked the laser beam mechanic, though it seemed to run out very quickly! There's definitely potential here, and the visuals are nice and clean


Clever! It's a bit too hard for me, but that might be because I have a split keyboard that's not conducive to arrow keys. Good looking sprites, clever concept

That last level was tricky but finally got it! Really impressive. How'd you make the star/flame effects?

Reall well done and the aesthetic (both sound + visual) is great. I like that different planets are spinning at different rates.

Nice! I sometimes got mixed up with which direction was which, but noticed later the A and D were under the platform as well, which helped. Slick presentation, nice aesthetic

Thanks, that's nice to hear! I did take a course in Unity a few years ago and some of that is transferable, which helped.

I hope to make it mobile friendly, for sure

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Hey very good feedback. I uploaded a version with smaller size; I hope this fixes it for you.

Also I tried your game, very nice!

I don't think the bubbles hurt the enemies at all - you have to use the bubbles to push cannonballs into the planes, or just hope the slow moving cannonball hits them

Yeahhh the timing is really too fickle (you have to already be sitting on the right lane at the instant the beat changes, even if visually you were there a fraction of a second early/later).

That would definitely be an improvement I'd make with a bit more time

That's really nice to hear!

Thanks! Yeah the backing music is 12 bar blues, and the notes you hit are random notes from pentatonic scale for the chord that background is playing. 

I might put some more time into this at another point and improve the music algorithm and generally add some fit and finish