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I did something, I think.

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You can change the music of the game with a simple trick. If you are on the lose or pause screen. Use the S key to move down to "exit", while the transition is playing, if you press retry, it will load up the game scene with the next music that would play if you had gotten a tape.

The reason for this is probably because when the scene is loaded, it does not use code that "plays this song when this scene is loaded" but instead "plays the next song in a list of songs" where the first song is in the main menu.

This game is so peaceful. is 40,000 a good highscore?


dang, it would make my profile look insane

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that's not nice. You need to be proud of Lucpin 2009. How would you feel if I said I got 1.7 mil you suck! hmmmm?

How did you get everything to shake when the mouse hovers over it?

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Good point. Hovering cars in the sky.

this game is fire!!!

Lvl. 54
Love the game.

Friggin birds bro. Messed me up. I got hit like 7 times because a bird hit me.

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But what if my game has 100+ downloads but not a single comment?

From one game dev to another. How did you get your game on my itch page, what did you do to get your game popular.

Oh, I see it now. Apparently, I have never used a rifle before.

Also is it just me or is the sprinkler and rifle the same thing.

W idea. That would be so annoying... 

I love it.

Lol same ngl.

Did anyone else pick up the nuke power-up and then just lose the game?

I love the game, the features are fantastic and the difficulty is good but a bit too hard.

Some features you could add might be more game modes including online multiplayer where many people work together.

or Creative mode where you have everything in the game.


Put the link of you scratch project.
Click load project.
Fill out the desired settings.
Click package project.

TurboWarp Packager - Convert Scratch projects to HTML, EXE, and more Go to this website and fill out the information needed. After doing so click package to get a file based on your selection then use that on itch.

#2 then

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#1 on the slow run board

with 50:16

gud game
but you do know that after double bogey it just says 3 over par or # over par

That's a great idea, Thanks for the suggestion!

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nah dude, just a lamp. Thanks though.

This game has speed run potential

Add more towers and enemy please

Love the game


where do I check the theme

oh thx

When i get any item it has inf uses im not sure if this is  a zolt specific feature or a just a glitch