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I apologize in advance

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Are their cars BAGUETTEIES? (as in like Bugattis idk I'm not alright)

Don't toast the poor thing, it ain't its fault!

I think I did, but I can't quite be sure, might hafta try again :)

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I wish to be on earth 4 times longer than the average person so my reign is known by all (I wish I was born on the 29th asdjfg)

I am 100% percent sure this is correct due to the fact that the author(s) of said personality test revived Freud and performed multiple illegal rituals.

AM NOT. The majority of our date nights were the car drives on the way to picking up the eldritch horror we call a child and arguing about why blue haired liberals with pronouns are anti vaxxers, we haven't had sex in 17 years - our child is FUCKING TWELVE and YOU WANT TO ARGUE ABOUT PRONOUNS? THE LITTLE SHITSTAIN IS TELLING US THAT THEY'RE WEARING THEIR TRUMP 2024 HAT AND YOU DIDN'T EVEN SHOW UP FOR THE CHRISTENING/POLITICAL AWAKENING YOU AREN'T PRESENT 

...I think..we should...have another child

oh shush philomena, ive had like 14 name changes over the course of our uneventful marriage, of course it isn't. Currently it is Diarrhea Nutsack Whitney Jones the 31st (sry for the late reply lmao)

Okay, so this game was SO fun. And Maddox is WAY overrated. Team Santana ftw


why did the demon steal my name tho-

Did you just assume my name?

Beautiful game!


spare me

i wante tu feck segcsy

asdfgh oh nawrrrrrr

it's the ghost of my sins

i swear i didn't kill him

spooky scary skeletons

send shivers down my spine

1/10 did not mention anime in the description, very disappointed 

Sure. Lets make them sign a legal document now when they're young and dumb to come back ten years later and give us everything they own

I know I do. They'll be earning more than the squirt deserves.

They're annoying, so they could probably kill people for a lving.

No one's gonna buy them.  We should put them to the streets.

I cAN sMeeElL yOU

yEaH sUrE hOnEY, wE'rE nOt bROkE aS fUcK oR aNyThINg

Me speedrunning pissing the game off in at least 10 different ways: