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I love the design and menu screen music! I found it just about impossible to avoid the cherries, so I didn't get very far

The way you did the colours and lights is beautiful! I did find the controls a little hard to get used to, but that might just be me

Hey, thanks!! Sound was something I didn't get around to for my submission, but I'd love to hear any ideas you have!

This is awesome! Beautiful design, and I love how much detail you put into the story.

I love the graphic style!

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Neat idea! I like the music. It's pretty hard to lose though - this would be fun multiplayer!

This is adorable!

Cool idea! Love the music/sound effects

This is really cool! I love the design, and the slow-moving physics feels kind of space-like.  Like other commenters I didn't get the chance to play multiplayer but I think it would be fun :)

I love this! I thought the difficulty level was perfect - the levels were challenging but not confusing. Really well done!

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This is really fun! I love the idea of it, and the graphics and design work really well.

This is neat! The graphics are cute. I like how the character bounces.

This is cool! I like the concept and I really want to figure out how to solve it but I didn't get too far. The controls were pretty hard to get used to. It was nice that you added a little tutorial at the beginning - I think it would be easier if the left and right controls were symmetrical!

This is awesome! I love the graphics and sound. I didn't do very well but it was fun

Thank you!! You're right about the music - if I update it I'll definitely consider that!