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Hyperspace Wizard

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Thank you for your detailed feedback! A unique experience is what I'm aiming for so I'm very glad to hear that. The movement system took the majority of development time and there's still a lot of flaws with edge cases but I'm glad you can see the effort in it. 

When you felt the game was too "slidy" was it particularly on the ground, when landing, in the air, or just in general? Attempting this project I learned there is a balance you have to hit between momentum gameplay and character control. 

It's always a thin line between challenge and boredom when I design levels. I'm trying to learn how to not make impossible games. Thank you for your advice!

Thank you for playing! I felt iffy about the level design but I'm glad you enjoyed. The orb that follows you is supposed to show you the cooldown for the grapple but I think I should have made it so that it shows how recharged it is as opposed to the binary charged/not-charged. 

Thank you for your feedback! I'm thinking about trying to turn this into a full game so we'll see what happens.

Thank you for playing! I've put a lot of time into the momentum system and I'm glad it's working. I've been thinking about adding more orbs and that's a pretty good idea for what they could be used for. As for being able to reel into where you've shot, I'm thinking I probably won't implement that as then you would be able to get to any point you can shoot, and I want it to be more of a puzzle to maneuver your momentum to get you there. Thank you for your feedback! 

This is absolutely fantastic. From the interface, to the ambient bubbles, the chill music, and the blink transitions. The stories are very wholesome and well thought out. You did a lot with a little and made me feel things. Keep doing this stuff.

The idea of this game is pretty neat. The framerate was a bit rough and it wasn't obvious to me at first that cherries were a "bad" choice and made me gain weight. My biggest gripe is having to restart the game from level 1 if I fail. I'm not sure how much content was put into this but I fear I won't see it since I have to get a flawless run to do so. The idea for the main mechanic is actually pretty interesting. It's kinda fun to have to platform while strategically moving myself to avoid certain pickups.

The artwork, music, and transitions in this game are very nice. It feels like the timescale is pretty high though and it is a bit difficult to control the character. 

I really like the art style, It's pretty adorable. Like others have said it doesn't have much in terms of gameplay. Something simple that would be more interactive would be letting the player grow and shrink the bolder, getting heavier to pickup speed but lighter to make it up inclines.

This is pretty clean. I like how you kept the minimal style through the audio, art style, and gameplay. The main mechanic is pretty simple but the nuance of maneuvering boxes and altering your jump height leads to some neat puzzles. Well done.

This is a fantastic concept. I love this. It was hard to tell if I was hitting switches or not though, an audio cue or particle effect would have been nice to confirm that. Very cool interpretation of the theme. I really enjoyed this.

The music was an excellent fit for this game. I think a larger variety of text would be interesting and maybe introduce different text over time. Hopefully you learned some cool stuff about procedural meshes. Well done

This is a cool concept. I really liked the mechanic of stacking spellcasters.  I think the jump time could have been longer as it was a bit difficult to get over enemies even when not carrying spellcasters. Nicely done

This is a neat little game. You could add an incentive to play at a larger weight by adding a score multiplier for the heavier you are. This would give the player the option to challenge themselves at the chance of a higher score. Well done!

I really enjoy this concept. I feel like more feedback regarding the weight mechanic would make this game a bit more enjoyable. I found myself not being heavy enough to crush enemies at times and it was quite hard to predict a jump arc that would get me to the next platform without hitting the spikes. I think a simple animation when your falling and at an appropriate weight to crush things would add some nice feedback to the player. I really like the idea of being able to change your jump arc by altering your weight, it can be pretty hard to get right without some visual feedback. All in all you've done a very good job.

This was a pretty neat take on the limitation. The simple visuals and audio felt cohesive. Good job

This is pretty solid puzzle game. Some audio could add a lot of polish and I agree that being able to see your weight would make a lot of sense. Well done.

Thank you! your game was really cool. 

Thank you very much

Thank you! Changing the mass of an object would have no effect on the path it travels but here we're changing the weight and keeping mass the same.

Thank you! I did add music, was it too quiet?

This is a neat idea. I really like the idea of teleporting into enemies to kill them. I feel like there were a lot of times where I clicked on an enemy and I would either be blocked by a wall or teleport next to them. A negative feedback loop where as your score increases more enemies spawn could be interesting. Good job coming up with some interesting mechanics.

This is a pretty good game, I really enjoy the idea of controlling the rocket from within using the buttons. I did find myself optimizing some of the fun out of the game by just standing near the bottom of the rocket and moving a single box around to control the rocket. It could be interesting to add some sort of motivation to move around the rocket more.

Thank you!

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Unfortunately it looks like there's a bug on level 8 where one of the gravitators isn't working. If everyone would just skip that level so you can see the rest of the mechanics that would be awesome. 

Thank you! My friends wanted me to put an imposter collectable in that would kill you if you picked it up

Thank you!

Thank you for your feedback. I checked your game out and I think it's fantastic.

This game is fantastic. I really like being able to cast different spells depending on which book I'm holding and the puzzles are designed pretty well. The visual effects and art as well as the audio also have a nice sense of polish to them. Very well done.

Very relatable. I enjoyed this a lot. Good work.

The idea of pushing things of different weights around is a pretty good fit for the limitation. I think this game would be a lot more enjoyable with a different camera angle, maybe a top down perspective, and if the player moved a bit faster. I found that every time I managed to get the ball off the platform it started rolling away faster than I could get to it and I couldn't move it over to the goal platform

I love the premise of this game. The book titles are great, excellently done.

The art in this game is fantastic. I enjoy the premise. I feel like there isn't much challenge in terms of the gameplay though. Overall well done!

It started working, it just took a while to load the first time I guess. This is a pretty neat game. The music and achievements add a lot of reactiveness to the players actions and trying to find a balance of objects can be entertaining. I did manage to find a hack where I could just hold the other side of the scale down with an object to line them up and it would count that as balanced. This a neat game with a fun atmosphere.

Thank you! It is a pretty hard game. I agree that auxiliary lines would have been a good option to explore but I couldn't decide on how to go about implementing them. One of my friends also suggested an input that would quickly decrease weight but I thought that was a big part of the challenge of the game.

Thank you for your feedback!

This was a neat game with a good negative feedback loop. I think the game could be more enjoyable with a larger view so you can try and plan where to move your massive mind a bit more to absorb the KNOWLEDGE

I really enjoyed this game. Grappling hooks are cool and wizards are even cooler. I think it would have been nice to let the player move themselves slightly in the air but this was a really nice combination of platforming and grappling.  Very well done. Did you do the background art?

Hitting play just shows a solid color screen for me unfortunately.

The riddle aspect is interesting. The graphics are simple and cohesive, well done.