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Thank you Thomas! We really appreciate your feedback and suggestion, we're glad you enjoyed it :) 

Wow! That was a long fight indeed! Well played haha 😄

Hey Vlad! We're so glad you liked our game. It looked like you were having a lot of fun playing it 😄. Just so you know, we've updated the game with some improvements today. :) We hope you enjoy it. 

We've subscribed to your channel and we wish you the best! 

If you need some UI or art made for a game, I'd be happy to help when I can! :)


Great suggestion! We will definitely take it into consideration for our next update, you can try the AI on a harder difficulty for longer games, he's not so good with his money!

There is the ability to continue in "Sandbox mode" after you or the AI wins, in this mode, you play against yourself to try and keep your chickens alive but other objectives would be a good addition to this. :)

Visually great! Great tone and execution of the theme.

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I'm excited to see where it takes you, good luck! :)

Great example of a simple design that creates a lot of fun! Nearly got to $5000!

Wow! Thank you for those kind words! Your encouragement means a lot to us and we are so excited about this game.

If we do release it on steam, we will make sure it supports Portuguese as a priority! :) ( Please correct us if that's not your native language! )

This game is suuuuuper fun! For your first game, it is an outstanding effort. Congratulations on getting it done in time!

The mix of platforming and topdown levels is an interesting concept! I can imagine some cool animations happening between the levels, showing the camera moving from side-on to a bird's eye view. 

The first level is fun and I like the variety of speeds with the enemies, maybe you could have different colored enemys for different speeds? It Reminds me a lot of the world's hardest game.

The second level is quite challenging, and I got a large amount of satisfaction once I completed it. (One thing I noticed is the money sprites looks blurry, make sure to turn off compression in the import settings for pixel art in Unity!)

The final level is an entertaining platformer with a camera that handles well. It has a layout that is fun to navigate and traverse. The next obstacle is nearly always in view before the player gets to it, which makes it feel very fair.

I didn't seem to notice the fullscreen issue you mentioned on my 21:9 monitor, so that's a plus.

Again super well done and we hope to see more games from you in the future, even an update to this game with some more levels would be awesome! :)

P.S if you want to turn off the Unity WebGL border for the build go to Edit > Project settings > Player > Resolution and presentation > click the minimal template :).

Hey! We really like your videos, would you mind checking out our submission for this Jam if you have time? 😄

This game is super fun and the gameplay is well thought out and pretty well balanced! Props to the developer :).

I think with a little bit more polish on the UI and art, it would be great!

Thank you for your comment! We are really appreciative of your feedback and are so happy to hear you enjoyed the game.

We have fixed the tooltip issue in the most recent build. :) 

Bid in auctions to win chickens that will help you gain profit and build your tycoon across the board as you grow your humble little farm into an empire!

This is the first game we have made as a team and released! 

We hope you like it, let us know what you think :)!