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I'm glad you like it :)

About the collisions, there is not really a circumference that determine when you can go to a planet to another, it is based on which planet has the stronger gravitational pull on you, that is determinated by the mass of the planet divided by the player distance from it center, so it wold be harder do do a visual representation of that.

And there is a mechanic that is not easy to get, but when you do you wont get "stuck" in the moons, is that when you get horizontal velocity you can actually kind of enter in orbit, so to not get stuck just run and jump ;). This mechanic is not as transparent as I wold have liked to be.

Great game, the sound effects are hilarious. Great job!!

And it's also nice to see Godot games around.

That is a amazing take on the original game, the art is great, and overall good job.

Nice game, but it's not really different from snake, if you could move up and down it wold be cooler.

That is a very good game, and very challenge as well.

And bonus points for using Godot ;)

The mechanic works very well.

It's a good adaptation of the original game, with some more level design it can be expanded.

Nice take on flap bird, very difficulty as well, as all flap birds should be.

This is the second godot game I played, it's very cool seeing the engine being use on game jams.

And judging by the .tar file and not .zip I would guess you are a Linux user :).

Nice game, that is a lot of work for a jam.

I love ksp and I though of doing a "2d kerbal" as wel,  and I also love to see more people using godot on game jams.

Here is my game, hope you like it.

I glad you liked, and yes it is made with Godot.

I should be because the jump action is a custom one, and never came to my mind joystick controls. I think for now its only possible to jump using the keyboard.

I'm will probably release a update after the voting ends to fix some bugs, I will add joystick support then.

And just a warning, the boss is immortal, we had little time.

I forgot to include in the upload, sorry :/

It's now fixed, just download again it should contain the .pck file now

Sorry :(

I think I fixed, but I can't upload to the game page, so here is the I the download link for the fixed version:

(1 edit)

Sorry for this problem, this is my first time using godot and I didn't get to test the windows build ( full time linux user here ).

Since I can't upload new files to the game page during the jam, I uploaded the complete build to the google drive, this include the .exe, and the  .pck.

here is the link:

(1 edit)

That's nice, my games always has a crap audio design and your help will be handy.

by the way, your work is amazing.


I'm glad you liked it, and made the video.