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I should be because the jump action is a custom one, and never came to my mind joystick controls. I think for now its only possible to jump using the keyboard.

I'm will probably release a update after the voting ends to fix some bugs, I will add joystick support then.

And just a warning, the boss is immortal, we had little time.

I forgot to include in the upload, sorry :/

It's now fixed, just download again it should contain the .pck file now

Sorry :(

I think I fixed, but I can't upload to the game page, so here is the I the download link for the fixed version:

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Sorry for this problem, this is my first time using godot and I didn't get to test the windows build ( full time linux user here ).

Since I can't upload new files to the game page during the jam, I uploaded the complete build to the google drive, this include the .exe, and the  .pck.

here is the link:

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That's nice, my games always has a crap audio design and your help will be handy.

by the way, your work is amazing.


I'm glad you liked it, and made the video.