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I did like where this was going for sure, but I felt like the cutoff length left me high and dry. I would take that as a compliment though! I want to see more of where this goes and what can be done with the Lake Princess since it hardly feels like it has begun. And I must say one more thing: you have a good eye for aesthetics which made the game all the more pleasing to play. I hope to see this plot go in even more interesting places, should you decide to continue it.

I did like this a lot overall, but it felt at times like the message was being laid on a little thick: some ambiguity would've made things a lot more interesting in my opinion.

I play this game a while back, and unfortunately, I did not finish it before I reached the central area. However, I felt I got a good sense of the game despite stopping early.

First off, I will say that I liked the fact that you took advantage of the fact that you are making a game, and thus, user input kind of became part of story itself. Even getting lost on this bizarre rail system is its own narrative. I can dig it, and I can dig the world you set out here.

There is a big but to all this though. I couldn't get through. Despite having a map, for some reason I had trouble orienting myself within the system. This may have been partially by design, but I think the game's design would've been helped by having versions of the map that add X's or some marking indicating directions the player cannot go after discovering them.

But since that is my biggest complaint, I gotta say I overall liked this game :).