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it’s gorgeous and now I want to rethink my layout for all my books. 

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“and mentally” Carries so much weight. A+ :) 

Ah! Hopefully no one! I will ask Spear witch about stocking it next time we refill over there! 

I need to think on that a little more. 

Can’t wait! 

that is correct. They are very bad at that advanced skill. 

Absolutely gorgeous in design and execution. Excited to see the physical copies. 

Also the inventory system as health is probably my favorite thing that I’ve seen in a while. 

an honorable death, In the vastness of the creek

Current "You wouldn't last a minute on the creek champion" of 40 seconds!

It’s good. I solid recommend. 

I really do love this

I’m late to this. 

It’s a troika background compendium. Only instead of commissioning art I’m buying art from shutterstock.  

It’s a real module. It’s no different than my other work. 

I want this. I want this badly

will work harder next time

I figured that creek’s aren’t deadly enough.   and “creek”’s are 2 deadly. 

I’d love to turn it into a spell at some point. Like a 5 stamina spell or something. “I cast ‘you wouldn’t last a minute on the creek’ on the dragon” “u sure u want to do that?” “To the creek with it” “so be it. As unto water we are unto hydrogen”