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Reeeeeeeally wish I had the ending happen to me so jelly

Woah hot incest? Nice

(0.01 version): That bonus route tho, I hope you make it canon. This was very promising start, definitely keeping my eye on this gem. 

escaping rarely works sadly but the other things you mentioned I have done yes thank you heh

i can't get advance the bandits hideout. while looking for green buttons to unlock doors etc ive wiped 4 times (and once game crashed) to encounters of two or more thieves that just spam sleep powder on main character and wolf, so i can't get a free turn to remove the sleep. it just ends up being slow death wilting away their HP in a deep slumber. idk if I miss an sleep immunity accessory or I'm just that unlucky lol.

thats because he's the only romance option Eric has history with prior to starting the game, with them being childhood friends. So spencer has always had a crush on Eric long beforehand, where the other 4 barely knew Eric besides their name lol. 

thats because he's the only romance option Eric has history with prior to starting the game, with them being childhood friends. So spencer has always had a crush on Eric long beforehand, where the other 4 barely knew Eric besides their name lol. 

In a podcast livestream interview on youtube done by DeckerLink, he asked the creator of the game which route was canon? They did confirm the Spencer route is in fact canon, so good assumption :D

I'd show the video of it but it was five friggin hours long and i don't remember when it was said at @___@

Still shows Ch 6 and downloading it is still Ch 6 no Ch 7 unless I'm missing something

Thank you 💜

Didn't know choosing blacksmith option first thing was needed at all lol


Love Bjorn new body model 💜

 the animations are much smoother o.o

I have all the pics including the two new routes, but cant figure out how to get the uncle's new pics 🤔

starting the exe. my comps security automatically deletes it saying a "sonar" program is a risk O.o

John is hitting all those teacher/student kinks just right. had a boner whole time doing his route, wanna plow him on his desk >:3

But Seth tho, "I would kill anyone for you" so romantic +__+

such a hard choice between these two hmm

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could the cop ever have his own route please? hot damn lol
Bjorn is my fav <3
also LOVE that ending after doing all 4 routes, you gave good foreshadow to it in each individual route too now that i think about it haha wow

edit: forgot to mention, no idea how to get Bjorn 2nd sex scene for the gallery. i have all the other 11 scenes besides that one hmm

i got that by choosing to stay with uncle but screen blacked out for a bit afterwards so guess it didnt count?

how do ya get the 3rd pic of the uncles gallery?

Richard route won't be in development until Harold route is finished since his is the furthest along. 

which will happen in June 2020 if things stay according to update schedule as shown below.  

Tai, Azaghal and Archibald aren't the game creator's own characters so they don't below in them and will ever get their own romantic interest Route. This has been stated numerous times within the game page's FAQ

its not instant fail, I just didn't see the "!" you mentioned before. I tried again since then and finally saw  the "!" but was so quick, guess I never noticed it until now lol.

yellow one that affects dodging yes thank you. sorry it looks too similar in color to orange defense one lol.

the dodging QTE so i guess the yellow one? it looks like another shade of orange to me sorry lol. but the "!" doesn't show up, all i see is two...yellow bars at opposite ends colliding with an "uh oh" of failing it every time.

isn't the the whole point tho with how the game is named? they're socially awkward and to most would find annoying to be around lol

the QTEs for Red and Green I understand but the orange one I don't so I keep losing armor not knowing how to interact with it, anybody help on when I'm suppose to click during it etc?

you keep getting better and even better developing this game. your artwork as evolved, the UI looks cleaner. I mean I loved the 1st version of this game's build sooo much but this seems just incredible further. can't wait until tomorrow Jan 3rd

How you get the alt ending? 

Wait what a sex slave ending?! o___o

geez, what have i missed these past months @__@

i really liked Marvin's original design but with added body hair

wow very self-aware of the technical issues and also incest route. imo the incest route should be optional like any other romantic route you have for the other characters. taboo or not

"Small on Top" the name of the game clearly states what sex role you'll be lol

Can't wait until this dude starts a patreon so i can throw monthly money at this game, sounds great thus far

the October 26th 2019 update, what changed exactly? I didn't see any patch notes in my feed o.o

omg i forgot to add that one to it, thank you. I made the Bara Games list way after finding out about Killigan's Treasure game. Its added now so we'll see what happens o-o

Out of context I would have thought most of these were different characters entirely haha. Soooo many options my goodness @__@

woooah seriously? Awesome haha glad it helped but i have no clue tbh *shrugs*

This was quite the insightful read @__@

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pretty unique to have the MC give in depth lore exposition and it be due to their own backstory reason. Brennan is an instant fav of mines but my only "issue" with the game, just super minor nit-pick is.....why is the father so hot and an actual route but -mostly- platonic? that's such a tease dang lol.

edit: i love that some of the comments after mines just straight up want father/son incest romance too tbh >3>"

I'm so sad cause the game won't be finished for over a year most likely. I mean this is an JRPG in development since that's loads of work especially all by one person too. Still this starts off very promising, can't wait for the full release to see this story in all it's glory :D

Did you compose the music yourself or were those royalty free tracks? I ask because I loved the music so much too.

this game's concept is PHENOMENAL 
i was completely blow away how the story is structured
a game that boldly encourages scum saving haha i love it so much 10/10 can't wait for full release. what you have here is a masterpiece thus far very gripping and chilling narrative <3

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v0.1 allowed you to freely increase or decrease your Lust gauge.

v0.2 removes that feature entirely so I can't fight anything with Lust being at 100 at all.
 how else do I reduce my Lust gauge? its at Lust 100 before i can have sex with green scale guy to make it zero again cause I still need to get those slime jewels before hand. Or do I have to allow myself to get raped by a bull warrior in the forest to reduce Lust? if so that seems really out of the way for this kind of mechanic lol

edit: v0.1 upstairs inn room wasn't clickable this early before, so can jerk off in there to make lust gauge zero.

Spencer route is canon