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*gasps* that's a -spoiler- o-o 

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I'm already a Maris simp


awesome well they took notice haha 

also I found the horror and the romance wowzers @__@

so playing I'm wondering where the horror is and not 2-3 dialogue bars later im like....

haven't played it (yet, downloading) but the description mentions "sexual assault" that's very NSFW and totally not romantic at all o-o

Like the developer said, I just looked in the game's image files which show all the sprite art models

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Its only there after Bareshade expansion quest to add more to the town. I think you talk to Bernard about it to get it started 🤔

0.1 Ch1 preview - Love it so far, all the music especially the start menu one pleasantly bitch slapped me in the face, I listened to it for few minutes before starting the game. the writing, it doesn't waste time at all getting into the plot establishing these 3 character's personalities instantly. 

the main character is adorable and thicc too mmm I didn't expect them to have nipple rings wow hot. really digging the art style and the fact all sets had backgrounds as well. really good starting out :D 

This is the basics for all romance visual novels but surprisingly there are some that still don't know this. Save often before choosing dialogue options, never always know which reply triggered what later o3o

0.06 patch - this point I'm surprised the main character didn't spread their legs with a Speed Limit sign 55 MPH above their hole like usual for a new sexy character, so rare 

Was super bummed of cancellation at first but then reading why, I became happy. Dude you have a full time job AND getting married, like major congratulations 🎊 haha cheers man such success in life grants you :D 

this game is so gosh dang wholesome Q.Q 

was gonna head to bed but fuck that DOWNLOADING........ 🔥🤘🔥

woah awesome congrats dude 🤘

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I haven't played this game in years but Leandros did have one, I guess was removed when they got new artist for these current sprites, odd. their sex scenes was having sex with MC in a hut within some village I think, its been a while lol. their old character art when had the sex scene. 

edit: forgot, they also had an even older sprite before this one. bulky like this one here but their face was very detailed more realistic looking lion head with piercing yellow eyes. 

See the source image


Haha holy shit this comment on the money but :X

yesssss more owen

much thanks man! 

Press "H" to hide UI

After Tiger Wolverine, in maze dungeon: Owl Unicorn Bull

idk if the answer is difference based off past choices but thats what worked for me 

LMFAO that gif holy shit XD 

 that's how it is on mobile?  haha that's amusing 

Sorry with what is going on in your life, hope it becomes better. The delay is okay to take your time with this. Thank you for letting your followers know what's going on of the development. take care :D 

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have a new laptop, started new game but I love my progress on old laptop. 

I'm having trouble finding this game's save file to transfer over to new laptop also old do I delete new save on new laptop too?

edit: finally found the info how to do it
 PC search "Run" > %appdata% > RenPy folder
figured this is common sense for 99.9% but for those that don't know that's how :3 

same Q.Q 

holy shit awesome it'll reach a wider audience yesssss 

this is shaping to be another gay game classic awesome :D 

Haven't tried this game yet but I've had it happen for several other VN games using renpy too idk why. Yet playing those games on my cell no issues *shrugs* 

There's QTEs in it now? Dang, thats why i stopped playing the Killigan's Treasure reboot welp. 🙃

idk whats causing this but all the text has a smudged like effect making it unreadable for PC version. oddly enough the mobile version is fine but just hard to see UI to "save" etc as its text color bends too well with the dialogue box and is very tiny to use via touch screen. No other comments mention this so I guess something is wrong with my laptop *shrugs*

The next update on here 1.115

The cheat codes speed things up a ton lessens time on farming resources y'all will be back to where you were in no time 👍

Woooooah the new UI looks incredible 🤘

Idk if you caught this continuity error yet but Levi Kano bio says they've known Marcus since they were 8 but in-game says since they where 3 years old instead.

Really diggin maxwell and especially chris for my favs💕

This half a year wait until next update will brutal 😭

the ending of the prologue was so fucking metal, felt like I was playing a Shin Megami Tensei game 🤘

Drax is my fav so far, I hope you push the limit of his powers on the main character....really into that. Also nice you give an option for consent too 👍

I did delete a ton of stuff to get that much space prior but still doesn't work. Just says app not installed

21.1 apk can't install on my android.

I download the apk just fine but installation doesn't work. It's 472 MB on my cell and I have 1.31 GB of space, idk why its not working. I've downloaded mobile version just fine in precious patches 

Richard is bisexual tho

PauPerish 💜

His artstyle is extremely unique excellent combo collaborating with them woo!