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hyou vizer

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i finally got around to playing this, i dig it so far. nice atmosphere, music, good presentation especially how the sex scene is unveiled panel by panel. i look forward to more >:3

a day added on two characters usually


yeah i follow y'all on tumblr, just saw, I AM FLIPPING OUT YAY

i fully understand how that is being unemployed as well, i had to unsub to some patreon creators too

still glad to here you'll eventually become one, so worth it! well to are future endeavors my friend, god speed :3

woooow mid may hot damn didn't think it be that soon, really glad to here :D

you should totally join the Patreon, the developer DyneWulf is a wonderful person who is always listening to his fanbase moving the game forward too, I can't tell you how much of a joy i experience when there's a new update for 2 characters each time +__+

the Patreon is only $3 a month, super cheap :3

LOVED the demo, i need mooooooore, when does the full game come out?