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Mac has become a thicc boi now, and Zhohark went full bara tiddies, both very nice 👌

You literally rebooted your game, very common in game development as such heh. While I'll definitely miss the original's quirky cartoony chibi aesthetic, this rework overhaul does look even more impressive. A combat system tho wowzers, really didn't see that coming. So going RPG with this in a way? If so I'm game for that :D

i agree, i mean i felt the same with parker stone too. he looks around late 30s to mid 40s but surprised he's actually late 20s...wat lol.

if its the background image, then that just means they haven't put one there just yet.

yep exactly that, i coulda worded that easier welp...

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woah that menu music is intense, i legit let it play for few minutes before starting the game \m/
what are the "special codes" asked when starting a new game?
imo i don't think you need a new artist, I dig this art style shown here as its very unique.
there's an issue, even if I choose no to eating with the daddy bear math teacher for Day 2, no matter what when heading home after school to make sigils the main character always goes back to eat with them like if i had agreed to eating with him prior O.o
so besides that problem,  love the game so far :D

edit: i found a past comment of what special codes are, no need to explain. also that's fuckin awesome im all for it haha
for those that don't know, it'll be cheat codes and the dev gave an example of 10 affection points to all characters starting out :3

they did a poll on their patreon asking that and an overwhelming amount clicked "No" to that so i doubt it lol

speaking of Lars, haaaaaaaave you seen this yet >:P (NSFW 18+)
its official artwork too hehe

Zed is adorably awkward, too goddamn cute. Nice seeing another side of Nasir towards Yoshi compared to how was in Kol route. Cannot wait to experience their own route next.

i don't remember that "plot twist" in the bathroom, was that newly added too? cause i LOVE -that- kind of taboo thing >;p

ikr?! and this is one dude too, very impressive :3

i never factored libido at all dammit @__@
oh okay so 11 STR and at least 50 libido from what the creator says, thank you :D

oh libido, goddammit i didn't factor that at all haha. also don't i need certain amount if agility or perception too? i recall doing a playthrough lacking those two stats and the main character always trips over a bucket instead, when sneaking to rim him  lol.

okay so STR 11 and at least 50 libido, thank you :D

I have 10 STR but sometimes the option "fuck him" isn't always there though O.o

when Richard's sprite got unveiled back in July 2017, it was also mentioned he would eventually have a route only after one of the current character routes has been finished.

Damn that cliffhanger, riveting story so far. Jean is fucking precious and John is the kind of daddy i like. Really good character creator for a visual novel especially.

5.0 has an issue, for the first battle against "Stranger" only Gear is in the party. Reinhard and Grizz aren't there, so because Gear is by himself he dies in two hits and its game over.

5.0 has an issue, for the first battle against "Stranger" only Gear is in the party. Reinhard and Grizz aren't there, so because Gear is by himself he dies in two hits and its game over.

talbot you fuckin cockblocker, goddammit D:<

so just a hotfix for mobile version then. I'm sure you can mention these things your game's devlogs whats changed when updating it. Saves trouble replying to everybody. 

what do these recent updates do exactly?

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the writing was absolutely superb, the pacing especially. this game really surprised me, i loved Kol route so much. Despite Nasir being displayed as an asshole (i don't blame him, i understand his reasons, makes total sense as a believable character) I'm also interested in romancing them too. Also Zed too, even tho idk what the hell he looks like but i dig furries so >:p

edit: Zed WIP sprite revealed, so cute :3


nothing works, I'm stuck at the start menu, can't click anything at all

sure no problem :3 

OH LOL the error was on purpose haha i totally fell for it goddammit XD 

I'm use to playing bara visual novel games that are still in development and seeing those kind of errors be a real issue o-o

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the no save feature is on purpose, no point is asking the dev to change it haha

also PLEASE add  (Jikkanji) Jiji's route <3 z

edit: i got the good ending <3 but during the sex scene before then i got this error, i clicked "reload" to go past it but still O.o

the character designs look like bishounen yaoi than bara to me O.o 

this game is incredible, i just played it from start to most recent day and loved it. Hugo is definitely my fav, i love minotaurs <3 

hyper's plot my goodness just insane o-o

i love RPGs, dating sim visual novels and furry bara. this game has all of that, i loved the demo tho very short and the battle system is quite interesting. You even have an affection system to improve your allies in battle, I've wanted an RPG like that for the longest time. I see great things on the horizon for this title oh yes :D 

no, not yet 

loads of people had trouble with that scene not realizing to click the armpits, me included. its cause his arms are down at their sides so you don't really see armpits to think to click them :P 

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so a childhood friend that is actually a stripper isn't good? 
a sexual deviant who's a professional stunt biker having the most  complex dialogue branches of the five isn't good? 
nerdy gamer jock that's deals with being a rape victim that's rarely tackled in forms of entertainment  for male characters still not good huh?
gentle giant that strives to become a nurse like their mom who was physically abused by their father is bad?

I'd assume you just played each of their routes for like barely up to Day 3 and was like meh afterwards :/ 

how would you know you like harold the best when you haven't experienced the other routes yet? O.o

2 months late to reply to this but lol. 
the main character was originally human but later in development the creator of the game had MC be whatever the player wants them to do be, faceless pretty much. so most fans just interest their own fursona with their fav romance option, especially for fanart. 

So far I've gathered the MC is at least 6 feet tall since they mentioned Darius is shorter than them in Harold's route, and both Darius & Spencer are the same height being 5'11. Another route the MC mentioned they didn't have a tail either. 

you should try the other romance options, they're all great in their own ways and it gives some insight into this game's world too :3

of course, just that's all that's been updated for harold currently 

there's a 2nd sex scene. all routes will have at least 3 sex scenes as far as I know. 

it gets condoms at another time lol

well not even in the patreon version (two updates ahead of this public version) darius still doesn't have his 1st sex scene yet. but i am LOVING how his route is turning out thus far so i can wait >:3

to bottom with spencer you need to select dialogue choices that -don't- give confidence points instead, but good on you for making the right choices without realizing. here's a guide so you can avoid the confidence choices:

also so nice to see another fellow Dozer fan, he's my most fav husbando of the five for those same reasons <3 

the gallery was a $10 tier pledge on Patreon. it was an accident that the creator uploaded the patreon exclusive feature for the public demo.