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hyou vizer

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edited 8 times geez lmao 

black panther body type would be more fitting with tennis true, that is a much better idea ._____."

dyne gets a ton of suggestions on the game and doesn't check here often barely 1-2 times a month when updating the free public version of the demo but i sure as hell hope he reads your comments. 

I'd personally like if the MC canon design was a stocky muscle chub, maybe a tanuki, plays off them having huge balls, be a nice character trait for a romance sex based furry game >:P 

same here but i guess it be too much to make an actual MC design i dunno

the MC is suppose to be whatever you the player wants them to be (dyne's words) so most just insert their fursona with said fav romance character 

originally the MC was a human much earlier in development (character bio on the MC in game's files back then)

Darius gets even better in the later days i must say. his route is the most complex compared to the others, loads of depth and hidden dialogue from branched choices you can easily miss o.o

i sadly don't speak spanish but the roster of characters are really attractive

oh no problem Sir Dyne you're very welcome

but sadly nobody reads the comments beforehand it seems oh well haha

some characters you see in the game don't legally belong to Dyne, their fursonas of other people legally placed in the game via Patreon tier rewards, so Dyne can't make them have their own romance routes. this goes for Azaghal, Tai, Massimo, and Bam respectively.

believe me i totally wish Azaghal has his own route oh yes haha but won't ever happen

1.43 update on 9/15/17 for Chester's Day 20 you MUST start from Day 1 or it his past save files will crash continuing it

here's a guide up to Day 15 for best choices getting there https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zPVxV-L5bEZxhsYVUE-FkAC9Ex7t-MX_h1b4S6BCJqY/...

i finally got around to playing this, i dig it so far. nice atmosphere, music, good presentation especially how the sex scene is unveiled panel by panel. i look forward to more >:3

a day added on two characters usually


yeah i follow y'all on tumblr, just saw, I AM FLIPPING OUT YAY

i fully understand how that is being unemployed as well, i had to unsub to some patreon creators too

still glad to here you'll eventually become one, so worth it! well to are future endeavors my friend, god speed :3

woooow mid may hot damn didn't think it be that soon, really glad to here :D

you should totally join the Patreon, the developer DyneWulf is a wonderful person who is always listening to his fanbase moving the game forward too, I can't tell you how much of a joy i experience when there's a new update for 2 characters each time +__+

the Patreon is only $3 a month, super cheap :3

LOVED the demo, i need mooooooore, when does the full game come out?