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hyou vizer

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no, not yet 

loads of people had trouble with that scene not realizing to click the armpits, me included. its cause his arms are down at their sides so you don't really see armpits to think to click them :P 

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so a childhood friend that is actually a stripper isn't good? 
a sexual deviant who's a professional stunt biker having the most  complex dialogue branches of the five isn't good? 
nerdy gamer jock that's deals with being a rape victim that's rarely tackled in forms of entertainment  for male characters still not good huh?
gentle giant that strives to become a nurse like their mom who was physically abused by their father is bad?

I'd assume you just played each of their routes for like barely up to Day 3 and was like meh afterwards :/ 

how would you know you like harold the best when you haven't experienced the other routes yet? O.o

2 months late to reply to this but lol. 
the main character was originally human but later in development the creator of the game had MC be whatever the player wants them to do be, faceless pretty much. so most fans just interest their own fursona with their fav romance option, especially for fanart. 

So far I've gathered the MC is at least 6 feet tall since they mentioned Darius is shorter than them in Harold's route, and both Darius & Spencer are the same height being 5'11. Another route the MC mentioned they didn't have a tail either. 

you should try the other romance options, they're all great in their own ways and it gives some insight into this game's world too :3

of course, just that's all that's been updated for harold currently 

there's a 2nd sex scene. all routes will have at least 3 sex scenes as far as I know. 

it gets condoms at another time lol

well not even in the patreon version (two updates ahead of this public version) darius still doesn't have his 1st sex scene yet. but i am LOVING how his route is turning out thus far so i can wait >:3

to bottom with spencer you need to select dialogue choices that -don't- give confidence points instead, but good on you for making the right choices without realizing. here's a guide so you can avoid the confidence choices: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pZFkZ9mvQ1-rJ0qB3eqO7JnU_NT09IqCc6bM_OuUmI4/...

also so nice to see another fellow Dozer fan, he's my most fav husbando of the five for those same reasons <3 

the gallery was a $10 tier pledge on Patreon. it was an accident that the creator uploaded the patreon exclusive feature for the public demo. 

I've never ever gotten that impression for myself playing this game. the MC already has their own personality starting out, and reacts to various things automatically that I myself would never do or say (like rejecting sex for example), so because of that I can never imagine the MC as me. I only see the MC as their own individual character that you can mildly project on to but is still is their own person.  Those are my opinions on the matter anyways.

you said it wasn't proven, i just gave factual evidence it was. you forgot that poll that most wanted a human MC huh lol. 

one of the romance options mentions an ex that is human, idk any other way to word this. 
MC was originally human at the start of the game's development, as there were character bios within the game's files that stated this. Now a days the creator of the game has the MC be whatever you the player what them to be. So most just self-insert their own fursona instead. 

a character's route mentions an ex and they were in fact a human. so humans exist in this game's world long side the furries, in addition to nearly every single male of this game's city being thicc and/or muscular. not questioning this, i love it +__+

errors still came after you started fresh......hmm. oh i think i know why now, well the issue is fixed in a later update for sure.  you just have to wait to download this month's update on Jan 16th sadly. It will definitely be fixed with that one I am certain. 

friendzoning darius from what ive seen it has him come on to you much stronger and also you get to see him naked at least twice so far. no sex scenes still as of yet tho. Just a warning, Dozer starts out slow but it gets waaay better a little bit later on trust me. In fact he'll get an update for the patreon version today yay. Just something to look forward to when the free version gets it is all >:3 

you might need to restart his route from Day One sadly 

this guide is up to day 16 for best choices https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pZFkZ9mvQ1-rJ0qB3eqO7JnU_NT09IqCc6bM_OuUmI4/...

nobody liked darius started out, not even dyne himself he originally didn't like writing for this character haha.
but trust me darius gets MUCH better later on, hang in there good times will come i promise :3

darius is currently my 2nd husbando, with dozer being 1st <3 

that woulda been awesome +___+ 

Past replies Dyne has given to others, he stated each route will be about 28 to 30-ish days, give or take. Some routes will be longer or shorter than others when he feels the a certain route's story is coming to close to warp things up.  Spencer is currently on Day 20 in the Patreon version, so he has at least 7-8 more "days" left I'd assume.

all routes eventually have the main character and said romantic interest fall in love with each other ;3 

it won't replace the current version you already have, you'd just have two files of the game with both having the same save files as those always carry over even if you deleted an old version. 

Update 1.46 - free demo 12/16/17 update 

* Coach Grifter Day 24
* Dozer Day 16
* Added a music gallery!
* Added new images of Coach to the image gallery
* Updated 2 sketches of Coach to full images
* Corrected typos/errors from previous days from Google documents
* Updated Credits
* Updated Title Screen

click "Changes.txt" in the game's folder to see what was newly added each update 

well.......this just happened, it's the developer's twitter having a poll asking which cameo character the fans like more, Bam or Azaghal wow the irony of this timing, you have 11 hours left to vote from the time i replied 

no i don't think so, when he did the Patreon tier of allowing a persona's fursona cameo into his game this was one of the requirements he set up for it i guess. He's been asked this numerous times in the past of having these fursona cameo characters to have their own routes and he's said no so its not up for debate.  Azaghal is another fursona cameo character from Darius' route can't be used that way too, as many have asked about him as well. 

Dyne can't make a romance route with any characters that aren't originally his. Bam is one of the added cameo fursona characters from a Patreon tier that belongs to another person. Same goes for Tai too. 

edited 8 times geez lmao 

black panther body type would be more fitting with tennis true, that is a much better idea ._____."

dyne gets a ton of suggestions on the game and doesn't check here often barely 1-2 times a month when updating the free public version of the demo but i sure as hell hope he reads your comments. 

I'd personally like if the MC canon design was a stocky muscle chub, maybe a tanuki, plays off them having huge balls, be a nice character trait for a romance sex based furry game >:P 

same here but i guess it be too much to make an actual MC design i dunno

the MC is suppose to be whatever you the player wants them to be (dyne's words) so most just insert their fursona with said fav romance character 

originally the MC was a human much earlier in development (character bio on the MC in game's files back then)

Darius gets even better in the later days i must say. his route is the most complex compared to the others, loads of depth and hidden dialogue from branched choices you can easily miss o.o

i sadly don't speak spanish but the roster of characters are really attractive

oh no problem Sir Dyne you're very welcome

but sadly nobody reads the comments beforehand it seems oh well haha

some characters you see in the game don't legally belong to Dyne, their fursonas of other people legally placed in the game via Patreon tier rewards, so Dyne can't make them have their own romance routes. this goes for Azaghal, Tai, Massimo, and Bam respectively.

believe me i totally wish Azaghal has his own route oh yes haha but won't ever happen

1.43 update on 9/15/17 for Chester's Day 20 you MUST start from Day 1 or it his past save files will crash continuing it

here's a guide up to Day 15 for best choices getting there https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zPVxV-L5bEZxhsYVUE-FkAC9Ex7t-MX_h1b4S6BCJqY/...

i finally got around to playing this, i dig it so far. nice atmosphere, music, good presentation especially how the sex scene is unveiled panel by panel. i look forward to more >:3

a day added on two characters usually


yeah i follow y'all on tumblr, just saw, I AM FLIPPING OUT YAY