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Double clicking on the email icons opens them.

Drag and drop the email in either the trash or send icon.

The game is free, you just have to press "No thanks, just take me to the downloads".

Yes. Crediting me is not necessary but appreciated.

Yeah, I'm sorry, the game doesn't have a save system.

Thanks for playing, and I'm glad you still enjoyed it!

no, it should have a set number of mini games. after you beat all of them you win. Having a boss mini game is not required. But make sure the mini games don't play twice in one go.


- Yes, the player should have 3 lives.

- You can either have a restart screen or just have it close.

- windowed is preferable, but you can have it be full screen if you want to. (I recommend a key like F5 to switch between them in case someone has trouble running it in full screen.) 

-Yes, you can add a pause button. key should be P. (I recommend adding a 3 seconds countdown after you unpause.)

Yes, you can.

The rules are more of a guideline to help blend the levels together when we make the compilation. If you can follow them, than that's good, but if you can't it's still fine.

Hello! I'm really proud of what you guys are doing and I would love to help.

I want to add my Pixel Controller Buttons Pack to the bundle if possible:

Thank you for doing this!

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Maybe ;)

Thank you so much for playing!

I’m glad you enjoyed it :)

Thank you for playing!

I never thought someone would actually read that haha :)

The default mode is fullscreen

The emails should appear in a few seconds.

You can press F11 to exit out of fullscreen in the new version. Hope this fixes your problem. 

Sorry to hear that.

There is a fullscreen option in the settings menu that you can access through the start button. 

Glad you like them! I have an updated version with the logo buttons, and some extra controllers here.

Yes. Crediting me is not necessary but appreciated.

Hello Amethyst. 

You can use the pack however you like. Credit not mandatory but appreciated.

If you want to contact me my dms are open on Twitter and I have a Discord #Hyohnoo4240 .

Have a great day :)

Sprytile community · Created a new topic Discord server?

Is there a discord server for Sprytile?
If there isn't, There should be. Where people can discuss stuff and show their work. And maybe some daily challenges or something?
That would be cool! (•͈◇•͈⑅)

Sketchfab link:

Yes i'm planning on adding more symbols and more fonts and designs very soon. :)