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NEED A MAC PORT!!!! looks so goood!!!

Wish it had a mac port :(

Finally had enough time to finish the demo. Wish i had the cash for the full version, amazing game, thanks. One thing you might include is some sort of skill tree, that could potentially upgrade the individual characters permanently. Great game, would love to playtest it if u need.

One question, how do you craft in it?

This game looks so good, i would play it if there was a mac download.

Bro i wish i wasn't broke rn this game look amazing

What is the "End" key? 

Hey, I am in the newest version, i created a mutant, and i have 2 right arms, one is severed, but it dosn't show up in the replacement menu.  Any advice?

(also, 2 times the game froze on me and i lost like 4 hours of progress. super annoying, if you know how to fix it i would appreciate it.)

Hey! super quick improvement, it would make the game a lot better/easier if there was a small chance when you kill a normal enemy for it to drop one of the better drops, like cubes ammo, armor and stuff like that.

I updated it, the window shrunk into the corner, but i was able to fix that and it ran super well. Thanks for the help, great game.


Ok, i sent an email, not sure if you got it

All it ever shows is the loading circle. idk why

I'm using macOS

Yea, i did download it, still dosen't work

Looks fun... it won't load tho

This looks super fun, idk how to open it tho, it gives the isue launching pop up

Hey! i am trying to play this game on macOS, but whenever i launch it, there is the mac problem report window, and itch says it quit too. I think i downloaded it correctly, but i dont know. can anyone give me advice and/or help?