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It's being redesigned. Part 2 would be quite different than Part 1.

- High quality Puzzle Images :))

- Case 1 (not Part I, beware) and; All Chat and Prologue texts are Proofread-ed (30% proofreading completed)

- Fixed some extremely hard/vague puzzles

- Fixed "Screen clipping" issue for some screen resolutions (of aspect ratio less than 4:3) Refer

- Fixed a issue in automated email response. Refer

- Added few more possible answers for some puzzles.

- Some Grammar Fix!

I have read all the text thoroughly and fixed some grammar issues, typos, missing words and misleading words which were potentially diverting and unclear.
But to make it perfect, we have sent the text (Part I) to a good proofreader. Yeah, a Good one this time!

- Lens Bug!

Fixed - Humming sound while using Lens

& few undocumented bug fixed

(1 edit)

- Few Texts were updated!

- Misc. Bug fixes


- Added "Game settings" screen where one can control sound volume, texture quality, anti-aliasing and VSync. Now you can adjust the graphics depending on the config of the machine that you have.
- Now one can move the Image view with in the Photo Editor. Also bit smoothness is added to it.
- Changed the way to control Lens and UV Light. Now one can simple click on the tool to activate it and then can move it freely without mouse click drag. To deactivate the tool just press Mouse Right Click or Escape.

- Improved the Notification Bar. Now it will behave differently depending on which screen/app the user is. Also now the chat notification will redirect you to the chat app.
- Added some text in Case 2.2 to avoid a small confusion.
- Some fixes for L-Browser App.
- Fixed a bug where the title of the case would sometimes fade into the page.

Thanks for the feedback and bug reports! :)

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Thanks for the feedback.

Both bugs are now Resolved!

Edit: As per your confirmation the "high frame rate" is still not resolved!

Edit: "High frame rate" issue is resolved!