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New version works great!

That was the gbc rom, I tried the gb rom just now and with that the screen is entirely black, although the music and sound effects still play.  I just downloaded them a couple days ago so they should be the current version.

Doing some more attempts at playing it and it gets wierder - most of the time sprites are black when still and yellow when moving, but occasionally on moving to a new floor, they will be dark grey when still instead, so at least I can see them.  And dying and starting a new run tends to scramble all the colors of the sprites, background, and menus up as well!  This flashcart does not seem to like this game.

When playing on my GBC via a EZFlash Jr, my character and all enemies appear to be invisible except when they are in the process of moving.  It, uh, adds a level of difficulty compared to playing in the browser!

I love the aesthetic, but I agree with an earlier post the charge jumps are maddening to try to do reliably on a controller.  You gotta hold this perfect diagonal, and if you slip a little either way you stop moving horizontally or blast yourself backwards into the pit.  I tried to see if I could use JoyToKey to set another button as down+shoot,  but it seems the game doesn't recognise keyboard inputs while any controller inputs are being touched.

Whoa! Is this inspired by Mercenary Force? Very cool.