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Thanks, I have been following the news, but I haven't try the image generating AI yet.

Will have a release soon. I have used ChatGPT for generating general code for tasks such as github pipeline, very interesting to see what it can do for procedural generating things.

Qt is a cross-platform UI framework. Will have built binary released when it's ready. Thanks for your interest.

Recent experiment on removing Qt: 

Thanks for the correction. The download URL was been misconfigured, and it's been fixed now.

Thank you!

Thanks for asking, you can buy me a coffee from the paypal or sponser me from github.

Yes, it will be improved, I have received many complains about the button size.

Thanks, the document is outdated while the features are evolving and functions been introduced or removed, it will be fixed after 1.0 stable version been released.

Hi, I have been working on this application for years, it's a quick low poly modeling tool, with UV automatically unwrapped, rig semi-auto generated. You can add pose and motion, export as .OBJ/.GLB/.FBX and import into game engine. 

The modeling process is different than the traditional vertex editing way, you need make a reference sheet with front and side view, then according to the background, you put nodes on the canvas. It's quick to make a game ready low poly asset. please check it out here